Gut Renovation (2012) – Trailer

Video (2:04): Trailer about ‘Gut Renovation’ a documentary of small changes evolves into an historical record of New York by filmmaker and queer woman Sue Friedrich.

“The Troublemakers” Trailer by G.B. Jones

Video (2.25): ‘The Troublemakers’. Trailer by G.B. Jones. G. B. Jones is a Canadian artist, filmmaker, musician, and publisher of zines based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The super 8 shortfilm The Troublemakers is created and directed by G. B. Jones in 1990.

50 Years 50 Stories: Pratibha Parmar

Video (4:50): filmmaker and University of Bradford graduate Pratibha Parmar talks about her films and her collaborative projects with author Alice Walker.

HOPE & FEAR by Charlotte Haslund-Christensen in Beijin

HOPE & FEAR is a large scale video installation by Charlotte Haslund-Christensen. It features hundreds of people from seven countries on six continents. They all answers the same two universal questions: What is your biggest hope? and What is your biggest fear?

Unmuted by Poulomi Desai (2017)

Video (2:57): ‘Unmuted’ is part of “The Future in / of the Past” art project by artist and musician, Poulomi Desai © 2017.

A Preface About ‘Dream’

Video (2:13): Immediate gossip on Vimeo is a short film by experimental Finish filmmaker Mox Mäkelä, a preface about the art project ‘Dream’.

Hairs by Camilla Storgaard

Video (3:59): Hairs by Camilla Storgaard (2011). Upcoming Exhibition: September 2017 – They at Gallery aKonzept, Schröderstrasse 7, 10115 Berlin Germany. The exhibition is about queer identities.