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Lesbian art

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Lesbian Artivisms: Current Realities

GIV presents: LESBIAN ARTIVISMS: CURRENT REALITIES, a documentary by kimura-byol natalie-lemoine at Maison de la culture du Planteau-Mont-Royal, 465, Avenue du Mont-Royal Est., Montreal, Canada.

Work by Deborah Kelly

Must-See Queer Feminist Art Exhibitions in Europe Summer 2017

Anna McNay and I have created Feminine Moments’ list of Must-See Queer Feminist Exhibitions in Europe Summer 2017. The exhibitions we have selected for this list feature works by Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women Artists, as well as by Feminist Artists from around the world.

New York 2016: ‘Coming to Power’

Video (28:38): James Kalm takes you on a guided tour of the exhibition “Coming to Power”. The video was recorded September 13, 2016 in Manhattan, New York.