Installations & Conceptual Art

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European Artists

Anya Gallaccio, sculptor, UK: Art link Art link
Aurora Reinhard, conceptual artist & photographer, Finland/Sweden: Art link Art link
Heidi Lunabba, installations, photography and video artist, Finland: Art link
Laura Lilja, sculpture and installations, Finland: Art link
Noemi Molitor, visual artist, Germany: Art link
Olga Bergmann, mixed media artist, Sweden/Island: Art link Art link
Patricia Hurl, painter and mixed media artist, Ireland: Art link
Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, artist duo, conceptual art & performance, Germany: Art link
Rachel House, multidiciplinary artist, UK: Art link
Suzie Pindar, photographer and mixed media artist, UK: Art link
Therry Rudin, mixed media artist, Ireland/Switzerland: Art link
Victoria Helena Mihatovic, sculptor, Sweden: Art link

Non-european Artists

Anthea Black, installation and art writer, Canada: Art link
Betsy Damon, conceptual artist and sculptor, England/USA: Art link
Carrie Moyer, conceptual artist and member of DAM, USA: Art link
Guerrilla Girls, feminist art group, USA: Art link
Ginger Brooks Takahashi, project-based art, USA: Art link
Jess Dunn, installation artist and landscape architect, USA: Art link
María DeGuzmán, photographer and conceptual artist, USA: Art link
Maria Tsaguriya, paintings and installations, USA:Art link Art link
Nina Lewitt mixed media artist Canada: Art link
Rachael Shannon, sculpture and installations, USA: Art link Art link
Sheila Pepe, site specific installations, USA: Art link Art link
SPIR, conceptural photography by Jill Casid & María DeGuzmán, USA: Art link
Sophia Glass, visual and multi-media artist, USA: Art link
Sue Schaffner, photographer and conceptual artist, USA: Art link
Zoe Leonard, installations & photography, USA: Art link Art link

The fact that an artist is mentioned in this website it is of course no guaranty that she will also be lesbian, bisexual or queer tomorrow.