Miscellaneous Lesbian & Queer Arts Links

Aorta Magazin, a radical queer arts magazin curating the queer, feminist art movement in print and in community spaces. They infiltrate and challenge the mainstream art world with accessible media that actively creates spaces for underrepresented, radical and alternative arts communities.The Aorta arts collective is based in San Francisco. Their bi-anual magazine was circulated in Germany, New Zealand, England, Mexico and USA. Now the Aorta arts collective do a wide variety of workshops and trainings, tailored to the specific organizations they work with.

Autostraddle.com has published Art Attack Gallery: 100 Queer Women Artists In Your Face. And they write: We gathered our information re: the queerness of these women via Wikipedia, the GLBTQ Encyclopedia and Feminine Moments (the latter of which is a kickass resource for finding queer lady artists!).

Broadside podcasts about queer feminist arts and culture with hosts Kelly McKay and Kristen Stoeckeler and their guests.

fCU (Feminist Curators United) is a network of curators and scholars dedicated to developing feminist curatorial practice through the sharing of ideas and resources, with programs encompassing public events, publications, and mentorships. It was founded in 2014 by Maura Reilly, Helena Reckitt & Lara Perry.

Global Arts Fund run by Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice (USA). The fund will support, showcase, and connect impactful art by LGBTQI people and organizations with limited access to resources, who use art as a tool for social transformation. Supporting the arts across mediums and disciplines, the fund will consider submissions, requested through a nomination process, in many artistic expressions: video, film, poetry, fictional prose, photography, painting, performance, dance, theater, music and other interdisciplinary expressions.

Bend Over Magazine is a must read! about Feminism, Sexuality and Queer Art. The editor of this selfpublished, small edition magazine is based in Berlin, Germany.

California LGBT Arts Alliance is an Alliance of California Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Artists and Arts Organizations. The mission of The California LGBT Arts Alliance is to promote artistic and financial partnerships that strengthen and deepen the cooperative relationship among Californians LGBT non-profit arts organizations and individual artists. They organize statewide touring exhibitions and performances that will strengthen the members’ artistic programs.

Creative-women.com A site dedicated to showcasing lesbian creative women, both amateur and professional authors, artists, musicians, songwriters and craftswomen.

GLBTQ Encyclopedia Proejct – the world’s largest encyclopedia on LGBTQ culture. The project was closed in 2015 and transformed in an archive dedicated to the arts, litterature, social sciences and history.

Dyke Action Machine – DAM – a two women art project founded in 1991, which makes public art campaigns which spoof mainstream advertising by inserting lesbian images into a recognizably commercial context. Read more on Sue Schaffner and Carrie Moyers many DAM projects: Site 1 Site 2

Dyke Modern – lesbian artists in Brighton and Hove, UK. They run various activites by and for lesbians such as monthly workshops in art forms – including sculpture, drawing, textiles, collage and more – as well as in different aspects of self/community development. Their aim is to be welcoming and to learn all sorts of art techniques, inspire each other, play, explore ideas, build confidence, grow healthier, and especially enjoy being together.

FRANK is an Oslo based platform, established to nurture art and critical discourse revolving around gender, desire and sexuality. The platform operates in different locations and with various co-curators. Their aim is to build a community and create discussions that address hegemonic structures in society. Since 2012, the artists Liv Bugge and Sille Storihle have run FRANK. The art historian and queer critic Mathias Danbolt joined FRANK in 2015.

FANTASMAGORIA LESBIAN ART EXHIBITION “Lesbians don’t really have much sex.” US Center for Disease Control. A Canadian web exhibition by Maureen Bradley, Celine Godberson, Anne Golden, A. Vanilla Stitch, Sandi Somers and Carla Woolf.

Fe/male – the project fe/male (Vienna 2001) presents photographs of 11 female photographers from the U.S. and Europe exploring the borderline between masculinity and womanhood. The project fe/male gets out of specialised art-spaces into the public space by presenting the photographs as huge posters in underground-stations.

Femina Potens, which means “powerful woman” in Latin, is a Non Profit Arts Organization celebrating difference and exploring identity through cultural and educational experiences that serve to enrich the lives of LGBTQ & Allied Communities in California, USA. Since 2000, they have presented ground breaking edgy performances & exhibitions that create space for necessary dialogue and community change in marginalized communities. They have curated exhibits and events including literary series, experimental performances, art openings, live music shows, film screenings, theater productions, open mics, classes and workshops.

Lesbian Connexion/s – A large-scale traveling photo exhibition in Europe exploring the common theme of lesbian life, lesbian lifestyles and lesbian visibility. With sixty three photographers from fourteen European countries.

Lesbian Kama Sutra has a section called ‘Sapphosophy – ART’ with art links and presentation of artists in residence.

Lesbians and the Arts: A Bibliography and Research Guide – Sandra Scheck started her website in 1995. The online bibliograhpy ‘Lesbians and the Arts’ contains more than 400 entries of reference sources about lesbians in the arts. The list is no longer online.

Looking for love in all the wrong places – a postering project/networking project for queer artists to collaborate, takeover and discuss safe spaces for queers in Alberta, Canada and beyond.

LTTR was a feminist genderqueer artist collective with a flexible project oriented practice based in USA. LTTR produced an annual independent art journal, performance series, events, screenings and collaborations. The group was founded in 2001 by Ginger Brooks Takahashi, K8 Hardy and Emily Roysdon. And Ulrike Müller joined LTTR in 2005. In late 2007, all five issues of the journal were out of print. The LTTR project has stopped and they have to build a web archive to keep the radical content of LTTR available.

Mazer Lesbian Archives, California, USA,  is the largest major archive on the West Coast dedicated to preserving and promoting lesbian and feminist history and culture. The archive collects feminist artwork, manuscripts, books, records, newspapers, magazines, photographs, games, organizational papers, tapes, letters, scrapbooks, clothing, and flyers.

Millet Farm, an art colony for women in Poughkeepsie, New York, USA. Literay feminist Kate Millet invites women writers, visual artist of all kinds and musicians all around the world to join her for 4-6 weeks in the spring, summer or automn at the Millett Farm. Participating artists work together and share expenses.

Queer Arts Resource, USA.

Queer Caucus for Art the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Caucus for Art, Artists & Historians – see their newsletters on queer art and events in USA.

QueerTheory.com provides you with online resources integrated with the textual resources about Queer Culture, Queer Theory, Queer Studies, Gender Studies and related fields. And they supply links to Amazon.com, if you want to buy the books mentioned on their website.

Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project. The QWOCMAP promotes the creation, exhibition and distribution of new films and videos that address the vital social justice issues concerning women of color and their communities, authentically reflect their life stories, and build community through art and activism. They invest in, develop and nurture the creativity of emerging media artists who are Asian/Pacific Islander, African American, Latina, Native American and Mixed-Race lesbians, bisexual, queer and questioning women in the Bay Area, California, USA.

Rainbowartsproject started in 2009 as a mixed queer artist group. Rainbowartsproject (RAP) aims to document, develop and promote queer culture primarily in the visual sector, starting small in Singapore and within the region. RAP is constantly looking into issues relevant to minority groups in particular sexual minorities- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) and social rejects when it comes to being queer and different.

re.act.feminism #2 – a performing archive is a continually expanding, temporary and living performance archive travelling through six European countries from 2011 to 2013. It presents feminist, gendercritical and queer performance art by over 120 artists and artist collectives from the 1960s to the beginning of the 1980s, as well as contemporary works by contemporary artists.

Strange Loop Gallery, 27 Orchard Street (between Hester and Canal Street, New York City is a gallery presenting queer art exhibition. The gallery is owned by Claire Fleury. She has closed her gallery but the website is still online.

The Lesbian Herstory Archives in New York is home to the world’s largest collection of materials by and about lesbians and their communities. They share their holdings by making traveling exhibits.

Toxic Lesbian is a group of lesbian activists and artists. The group was founded in Madrid, Spain, in 2005. They work in the sphere between contemporary visual art and more political/gendered/lesbian happenings and publish their videos on Youtube.com.

Lesbian Photography on the U.S. West Coast: 1972 -1979, an online archive of lesbian photographers made by late photographer Tee A. Corinne.

Wow Café Theatre in New York, USA, has been a majority lesbian woman’s space since 1980. WOW welcomes the full participation of all women and transpeople in solidarity with women. WOW especially welcomes women and transpeople of color, and women and trans people who identify as lesbians, bisexual and queer. They provide a working theater space to our members & the technical support to create and produce works, regardless of economic status.

#1 must have, a photo zine for queers edited by A. Slaven & Adrien Leavitt. The zine is about visibility, celebrating diverse queer people, and re-framing the queer experience outside of the victim paradigm often seen in popular culture.