Sculpture, Crafts & Design

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European Artists

Ange et Damnation (artistic duo), sculpture and community art, France: Art link
Anna Hallin, sculptor, Iceland: Art link
Anne Koskinen sculptor, Finland: Art link
Anya Gallaccio, sculptor, UK: Art link Art link
Ama Menec, sculptor, UK: Art link
Beate Rønning Arnesen, sculptor, Norway
Chantz Perkins, sculptor, USA/Holland
Charlotte Bergmann Johansen, performance artist & sculptor, Denmark: Art link
Efva Attling, silversmith, Sweden: Art link
Jan Morley, designer, UK: Art link
Laura Lilja, sculpture and installations, Finland: Art link
Lene Leth, designer, Denmmark: Art link
Line Skywalker Karlstroem, sculptor & performance artist, DK/Sweden: Art link
Hanna Visser artist and sculptor, NL: Art link
Hannah Honeywill visual artist and sculptor, UK: Art link
Inger Ovell studio potter, Norway: Art link
Jaya Schuerch, sculptor, Italy: Art link
Maggi Hambling, painter, printmaker and sculptor UK: Art link
Nathalie Boss, sculptor & designer, Israel/ Denmark: Art link
Sandrine Follere, sculptor, France: Art link Art link
Scarlet Monahan, photographer and sculptor, UK: Art link Art link
Sif Itona Westerberg, sculptor & video artist, Denmark:
Sue Cambell, sculptor, UK: Art link
Tess Sheerin, sculptor and painter, Australia/UK: Art link
Tove Hirth, sculptor (Norway/UK)
Victoria Helena Mihatovic, sculptor, Sweden: Art link

Non-european Artists

Allison Smith crafts & visual art, USA: Art link Art link Art link
Allyson Mitchel, installation artist, performer, filmmaker & teacher, Canada: Art link
Ayala Weiss, sculptor, Israel: Art link
Blanche Tilden, jeweller, Australia: Art link
Caroline Wells Chandler, textile artist, USA: Art link
Carolyn Whitehorn, sculptor, USA: Art link
Deborah Alma Wheeler, sculptor and conceptual artist, USA: Art link
Dwora Fried, collage and assamblage artist, Austria/USA: Art link Art link Art link
Heide Fasnacht, sculpture and drawings, USA: Art link Art link
Harmony Hammond, sculptor and printmaker, USA: Art link
Jean Kahui, sculptor, New Zealand: Art link
Jennifer Sloan, photo sculptor, USA
Julia Kunin, sculptor, USA: Art link Art link
Kim Anno, sculptor, USA: Art link
Kindra Douglas, sculptor, New Zealand:
Lili Lakich neon artist, USA: Art link
Linda Stein sculptor and painter, USA: Art link
Liz Collins, artist and designer, USA: Art link
L.J. Roberts, textiles and sculpture, USA: Art link
Mary J. Kerr, mixed media artist, USA: Art link
Mona Hatoum, sculptor, performance and video artist, Lebanon / UK: Art link
Nancy Azara, sculptor, USA: Art link
Nancy Fried, sculptor, USA: Art link Art link
Nancy Grossman, sculptor, mixed media artist and painter, USA:Art link
Rebecca Levi, embrodery and illustrations, USA: Art link
Rachael Shannon, sculpture and installations, USA: Art link Art link
Sheila Pepe, site specific installations, USA: Art link

NB! The fact that an artist is mentioned in this website it is of course no guaranty that she will also be lesbian, bisexual or queer tomorrow.