Lotte Laserstein Paintings and Books

Video Slideshow (7:20) with paintings by artist and lesbian Lotte Laserstein (1898–1993), Germany/Sweden.

About Lotte Laserstein

She received her artistic training at the Berlin Academy being one of the first women to graduate from Berlin Art Academy in 1927. In 1937 Lotte Laserstein, who was Jewish, moved to Sweden. She lived there for the rest of her life. In 2003 a large retrospective of Laserstein’s work was held in Berlin. In-depth research was carried out by Anna-Carola Krausse who created the exhibition catalogue, Lotte Laserstein: My Only Reality.

I have added the following art books about Lotte Laserstein to Feminine Moments’ Bibliography on Lesbian and Queer Art books:

Lotte Laserstein (1898-1993): Leben und Werk
by Anna-Carola Krausse
Publisher: Reimer, Dietrich, (2006)

Lotte Laserstein: My Only Reality
by Anna-Carola Krause (Author)
Publisher: Philo Fine Arts (Oct. 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3364006091
ISBN-13: 978-3364006093

Lotte Laserstein. Paintings and drawings from Germany and Sweden, 1920-1970
by Lotte Laserstein (Author), Caroline Stroude (Author)
Publisher: Thos.Agnew & Sons/The Belgrave Gallery (1987)

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