Pride Photo Award Call for Entries

Press release

The 2019 Pride Photo Award contest is open for entries

We would greatly appreciate if you could pass the Call for Entries on to those photographers in your network who have recently worked or are interested in projects about gender and sexual diversity (LGBTIQ+).

Pride Photo Award is an international photo contest for top quality photography about sexual and gender diversity. The contest ends on August 25. Contestants can register and submit their photos through the contest page of our website.

The 2019 Theme

calls for unique photos about unique people. On the one hand, it’s about new ways of storytelling. Innovative ways to seduce people to adopt a different view of the world, to step into lives and stories that are often far removed from their comfort zone. Secondly, this year’s theme looks for stories about unique people, who live their life without compromise or shame for being different. It’s about the courage to be yourself, no matter what.

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