Guerilla Girls’ 30th birthday party and Pop Up Exhibition

Guerilla Girls 30 years May 2015

Guerilla Girls: In May 1985, we put our first posters up on the streets of New York—and everyone went bananas! Some things have changed, but there is still so much to do. Join us to celebrate three decades of fighting for women and artist of color in art, film, politics and pop culture. Conspire with us to keep feminist activism alive and well into the future.

Pop Up Exhibition at abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand st, New York
plus stealt street actions:

May 1-17 • Exhibition of works 1985-2015
Starting May 2 • Street actions around NY
May 3,10,17 • Exhibition walkthroughs 3 pm
MAY 15 • Birthday Party 8-10 PM