Skeive Kunstnere 2011 – Pride Art Exhibition in Oslo, Norway

Skeive Kunstnere 2011
Pride Park
June 22 – 25, 2011

The Visual Artists:

Thomas Sierk Rian, Nils Jøran Riedl, Stein Grønning, Roger Robberstad, Marianne Strøm, Per Eidspjeld, Marc Kiska Nathanael, Frederic Nathanael, Ahmad Umar, Linda Melby, Ida Marie Lysaker, Ole Villund, Annemette Bangfield, Marie Seljehaug Johansson, Per Erling Walle, Stein Rusnes, Gabrielle Von Düring, Avelina, Trond Ketil Geving, Per Egil Ramsøy, Ida Egeberg, Gjert Rognli, Pernille Horgen Bø, Margareth Knoll, Turid Steinagaard, Anne Holter, Tage Tysland, Anne C. Eriksen, Michelle Jones, Beate R. Arnesen, Kiné Kaborg, Martine Votvik og Åse Margrethe Hansen.

You can also find three exhibitions with pride art by some of the above artists at the Oslo libraries: Bjørnolt, Røa and Bjerke. These exhibitions opened on June 1 and runs through June 30, 2011.

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Skeive Kunstnere

Queer Art in Oslo, Norway

The Oslo queer artists ‘Skeive Kunstnere’ are presenting their artworks at six exhibitions this summer alongside the Norwegian GLBT Pride Festival ‘Skeive Dager’ in Oslo, June 2010. Their group exhibitions, which are titled ‘ÅPEN KUNST’ (Out Art) take place at the following venues in Oslo:

the ‘Kulturteltet’
Pride Park at Rådhusplassen, Oslo, Norway
June 23 – 26, 2010

ÅPEN KUNST Exhibitions at The Oslo Libraries:

Bjørnholt Deichmanske Bibliotek: June 2 – 30, 2010
Bjerke Deichmanske Biliotek: June 7 – 30, 2010
Holmlia Deichamanske Bibliotek: June 18 – 30, 2010
Majorstuen Deichmanske Bibliotek: June 17 – 28, 2010
Stovner Deichmanske Bibliotek: July 5 – 30, 2010

The Artists
This year the (mixed queer) visual arts exhibitions features works of art by the following women:
Angelica Balchen, Anne Holter, Anne C. Eriksen, Beate Rønning Arnesen, Cathrine Vestheim, Grete Ramberg, Grethe Johnsen, Hansine Finvik, Ida Egeberg, Inger Ovell, Jennae Dalvik, Kiné Kaborg, Line Forsmo, Marianne Strøm, Martine Votvik, Michelle Jones, Nina Cecile Gauslaa, Ragnar Brynjulfsson, Kristina Olafsen & Eli Beate Wickstrøm, Rikke Thoresen, Siv Desiree Rognstad, Turid K. Steinagard and Vanja Ohna.

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Skeive Kunstnere

Marianne Strøm A Member of 'Skeive kunstnere', The Queer Artists, Oslo Norway

‘Reality’ by Marianne Strøm / Arm Strom

Marianne Strøm (alias Arm Strom) is a lesbian Norwegian. She is a mixed media artist, who lives in Oslo. She has sent the following statement to Feminine Moments:

Since EuroPride in Oslo 2005, I have exhibited together with the group ‘Skeive kunstnere’ (Queer Artists) . During ‘Skeive Dagar 2009’, the Oslo Pride festival, we had a group exibition at Rådhusplassen (the Townhall square) and at four public libraries in Oslo.
The group “Skeive kunstnere” includes both professional contemporary artists, amateurs and up-and-coming talents. We identify as “Queer”, because we have something in common as artists and as members of a minority.

‘Yngel’ (Fry) by Marianne Strøm/ Arm Strom

For the last year I have depicted fish and “subsea scapes” in my art.  I have used my photos, ink drawings and acrylic paintings, in combination with snapshots of objects, which I have constructed in “Second life”, a 3d social community.

I do like the atmosphere under water in some virtual environments. The freedom, the weightlessness and lights. My images are also comments to the Norwegian proposals about drilling for oil in vulnerable ocean areas, – for example in the sea near Lofoten and Vesterålen, north of the Arctic circle.

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Skeive kunstnere

‘Mask’ (right) by Marianne Strøm / Arm Strom

‘Puzzle’ by Marianne Strøm / Arm Strom.