Vulvae meet Paper meet Scissors

Vulvae meet Paper meet Scissors Collage by Ann Antidote for the exhibition Vulvae meet Paper meet Scissors

Vulvae meet Paper meet Scissors

– A collage of (queer) graphical collaborations

With Ann Antidote, Sadie Lune, Sissi Ário, Jenny One.
March and April 2015 at
Other Nature, Mehringdamm 79, 10965 Berlin, Germany.
Mon-Tue: 12h–18h, Wed-Sat 12h-18h

Vulvae meet Paper meet ScissorsCollage is a formidable method to recycle images and find connections where they were not seen before. It is a collaboration between paper, scissors and themes. It has DIY written all over it, and it is accessible to all, yet without lacking any penetration as political, ludical or esthetical tool. All started with a colourful and not-taking-themselves-too-serious pile of collages representing vulvae. The permeating powerdynamics, (not only) queer politics and joyful playfullness about this vulvae-topic have been highlighted before, and led to taking the name – Vulvae meet Paper meet Scissors – for this collection, from the popular game, rock paper scissors…

…Games need player/s, and this converged with reflections people have been voicing on queer and queer art.

Vulvae meet Paper meet Scissors
Above Collages by Ann Antidote for the exhibition Vulvae meet Paper meet Scissors

Vulvae meet Paper meet ScissorsQueer art has been presenting and reflecting the themes which give queer so many meanings – among them, an evolving community of gender and sexual dissidents resisting society norms, aware of, and actively critical about, exclusion mechanisms beyond trans and homophobia: capitalism, ableism, precarity, racism (just to mention a few). But sometimes queer art and events end up – for a lot of different reasons – reproducing mainstream structures: stardom system, dog-eat-dog competition, lack of solidarity (again, just mentioning a few).

Not everything can be improved or changed in one go, but for starters things like this show can be in just a different way. In this case, collective, sharing and dialogging. And so it became a ** collage of collaborations **. Our graphical works here (vulvae themed or not) are all very different in methods, themes and realisation, but are displayed in the same spirit of breaking mainstream’s oppressive standards, mechanisms and norms (which is what cunts – body parts or rebellious cunt-minded persons of all genders- do on their own anyway, everyday), and are a kind invitation to do the same…



SAN FRANCISCO, CA – JUNE 6, 2012 – Presented by Femina Potens Art Gallery at Off Center as part of the National Queer Arts Festival

Join our panel of feminists, queer artists, activists, counter-culture renegades and performance artists for a night of interactive performance art, film screenings, and artist panel discussion on the Intersections of LGBTQ Performance Art & the Sexual Politics of Erotic Film.

Where does conceptual performance work end and where does our libido begin? Is queer feminist erotic film inherently progressive? How do queer performance artists who are also sexual activists, decipher the difference between what is art, what is erotic, and what is pornographic? These are just some of the questions we will examine through film, art, and performance.

Performers include Madison Young, Dylan Ryan, Maxine Holloway, Coral Aorta, Kitty Stryker, Nenna Joiner, Ignacio Rivera and Sadie Lune.

Tickets available

ArtGasm: Sadie Lune’s Biological Clock

ArtGasm is a series of exhibits, live art making, performance art, and multi media art installations presented by Femina Potens Gallery, San Francisco, on a quarterly basis.

Sadie Lune's Biological Clock
Between April 19 and 30, 2011, Femina Potens will be  presenting a multi-media visual and performative art celebration of fertility, conception, birth, and motherhood. Exhibits include Sadie Lune’s Biological Clock, an ongoing piece about time and fertility, which will peak in a queer fertility insemination ritual performance at the gallery, 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 US. Collaborators for this piece include Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens.

Live Insemination Ritual Performance
Sadie Lune writes about her video call out for donations (or donors?) for her fertility art project that it is a “Shameless Plea for $ to fund my multi-media Life/Art project, Biological Clock all about human relationships with time and queer fertility, culminating in a live public ritual conception performance. – Please donate to the cause of working artists, living the dream, and the utopia of community produced queer babies. Even like, just $3. Three bucks for the unborn, pre-conceived child of weirdo. I mean, that ‘aint nothin, right?”

Sadie Lune, *Strolling, photo from 'Preparing for Motherhood'. Photo Mabel Jiminez

‘Preparing for Motherhood’, photographic performances by Sadie Lune. Photo from the series *Strolling. Photo: Mabel Jiminez

‘Preparing for Motherhood’ is a collaborative project between Sadie Lune as performer and a number of photographers from the US and Europe. The result is a collection of photos of various photographic performances inspired by actions women do/are expected to do to get prepare for pregnancy and parenting of young children. See more photos at Sadie Lune’s website.

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