Unmuted by Poulomi Desai (2017)

Video (2:57): ‘Unmuted’ is part of “The Future in / of the Past” art project by artist and musician, Poulomi Desai © 2017.

Poulomi Desai, “We are the cave birds and the archive is the cave.The corridors of the archives and the road are parallel in my mind, with the w(a/o)ndering of where we might reach, what we might find and the tension of what is seen and heard. The sounds are a shifting composition, a merging of the normally audible – the creaks and squawks of moving knowledge, and the normally inaudible – the recordings of electromagnetic VLF (very low frequency) radio noise, produced by the machinery. These sounds are surprisingly musical and have a lineage in connection with the experimental compositions and recordings in the British Music Collection at HQ, with specific reference to Tristram Cary’s score 345 – A Study In Limited Resources.”

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