Clarity Haynes and Ksenia Soboleva

Video: (1:08:35): Brooklyn Rail contributor Ksenia M. Soboleva in conversation with artist Clarity Haynes about her exhibition ‘Clarity Haynes: Portals’ at New Discretions through April 13, 2024. The show coincides with the release of Haynes’ first monograph, Clarity Haynes: Portals, featuring text by Leah DeVun, Harry Dodge, Clarity Haynes, and Jeanne Vaccaro.

Tessa Boffin: 1989-1993

Feminine Moments recommends Hales’ presentation of the exhibition ‘Tessa Boffin: 1989-1993’. Hales, New York, has the best online gallery about UK lesbian photographer Tessa Boffin’s main works!