Harmony Hammond: Crossings (2020)

Video (8:59): The queer feminist artist Harmony Hammond discusses work from her 2020 exhibition ‘Crossings’ at Alexander Gray Associates, New York.

Nicola Tyson “Sense of Self”

Video (3:27): a promotional artist talk about the process of making “Sense of Self”, an exhibition for Petzel Gallery during the Covid-19 Lockdowns in 2020.

Kelli Connell Photographs at the Alice Austen House Museum (2021)

Video (3:10): American photographer and queer artist Kelli Connell was invited to present her exhibition Double Life at the Alice Austin House Museum. At the same time, she made new works with her model Kiba Jacobson whom she has been working together with for 20 years.

‘Memorial To A Marriage’ with Patricia Cronin and Eric Shiner (2022)

Video (40:43): Artist Patricia Cronin sits in conversation with curator Eric Shiner about her seminal work ‘Memorial To A Marriage’ (2002). They also talk about other bodies of works by feminist cross-disciplinary artist Patricia such as her erotic watercolors (1992–1999) and ‘Shrine for Girls’, Venice (2015).

Sarah Zapata – Fabric Artist

Video (1:14:13): Sarah Zapata talks about her creative practice. Presented by MFA Fine Arts. Published by School of Visual Arts – NYC.

Emma Anne Johnson (2021)

Video (2:05): Emma Anne Johnson Interview – a Multimedia Mixtapes Production (2021). Emma Anne Johnson was a Velvet Park ‘ARTS AND CULTURE, SPOTLIGHT’ queer artist in 2021.

Gabrielle Randall (2021)

Video (11:07): Velvet Park Media’s visual artist in residence of 2021: Gabrielle Randal. Gabrielle is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York. She is currently working on her clay and ceramics sculptures.

Liz Collins: Mischief – a Mid-career Retrospective

Video (1:22:30): Artist Liz Collins and curator Julia Bryan-Wilson join Brooklyn Rail contributor Ksenia M. Soboleva for a conversation about ‘Liz Collins: Mischief’ at Touchstone Rochdale, UK, 1 October 2022 – 8 January 2023. The zoom session ends with a poetry reading by Rebecca Teich.

Florine Stettheimer’s Family Portrait, II

Video (3:43): Kristen Di Lonardo, department manager in Visitor Engagement, looks behind the curtain at Florine Stettheimer’s ‘Family Portrait, II’ and marvels at its intricate detail and sense of theatricality. Video by MOMA, New York (2021).

Holograms & Haptics at the Limit of Sight & Sound with Constantina Zavitsanos

Video (58:26): Artist’s talk with Constantina Zavitsanos about their work in waves from holography to haptic sound, and the cacophony of incapacity and interference as shifting sites for speculation and sociality beyond scarcity. Constantina Zavitsanos (New York, NY) is currently QUEER|ART mentor (2003): visual art.