Open Call

Feminine Moments, this unique art blog, presents queer feminist women artists and their art projects from all over the world. Feminine Moments is a non-commercial, no-budget queer feminist art and visibility project. Artists and writers will not be paid for their submissions. What I offer is an opportunity for you to present your art projects at Feminine Moments, a resource site and art blog dedicated to presenting fine art projects by lesbian and queer feminist artists.

This is an ongoing open call for submissions for the art blog in 2023-2024 to mark the 20th year anniversary of Feminine Moments – Queer Feminist Art Worldwide.

Submit your materials

The open call is for the following types of proposals for publication on Feminine Moments’ Art Blog:

— 1-3 images of artworks (.jpg or .png) and a short biography about the artist
— an art video (link) and a short biography about the artist
— 2-4 images of artworks (.jpg or .png), an artist’s statement (written in 1st person) and a short biography
— Essays about queer feminist art – as in art made by lesbian, bisexual or queer women artists – and a short biography about the arts writer
— Press releases about arts events (online or in person), exhibitions, art book releases or reviews.
— And or other materials related to queer feminist art. Surprise me!

All submissions that include images must also include a list of captions.

Send your proposal to:

The submission opens on September 5, 2023 and runs through 2024.

NB! I don’t accept music videos, queer commercials and cinematic short films as they are well supported by queer film festivals. Furthermore, I don’t accept promotional texts about LGBTQ* causes.

The self-identified queer feminist artist

It is important for me as a self-identified queer woman artist/editor that the artists whom I present on the art blog are ‘out & proud’ lesbian, bisexual or queer women artists. When an artist is mentioned on the art blog I will tag her/their name; this function creates a tag archive page where you can see all the posts on the art blog about this individual artist. I’ll also use the artist’s name as a keyword for Google and the other search engines to create greater visibility about the artworks and the artist.

As I am a Danish queer feminist activist, Feminine Moments offers a unique Euro-centric approach to the phenomenon of queer feminist art and the lesbian art movements around the world. In a time when the international art scene and queer culture are very American-centric, I share artworks and artist’s statements by both European and American artists.

If you have any questions, do write to me, Birthe Havmøller (Aarhus, Denmark) at