Anya Gallacio About Her Installation ‘Stroke’

ANYA GLLACIO – Stroke, video by Jupiter Artland, 2014.

Stroke by Anya Gallaccio at Jupiter Artland, UK, 2014

The description of the video: “Anya Gallacio returns to Jupiter Artland with her second gallery installation “Stroke”. This exhibition follows the dramatic “Red on Green”, the artists first gallery installation at Jupiter Artland where ten thousand fragrant English red roses were laid as a carpet on the gallery floor and left to slowly rot and wither over the course of the summer in 2012.

For Spring 2014 the artist will install “Stroke”, an extraordinary installation which assaults the senses. The entire room is covered in thick dark chocolate, lightly scented if not overwhelming. The desire to interact by picking, licking or stroking the chocolate covered walls is almost compulsive. What is beautiful as so often in this artists practice, becomes putrid and decayed.

Gallccio is part of the permanent collection with The Light Pours Out of Me, a contemporary folly enchanted with Amethyst stone.

This exhibition has been sponsored by The Chocolate Trading Company.”

Looking Ahead to NQAF – 2016!

Excerpt from the Queer Cultural Center’s newsletter by Pamela Peniston, artistic director of NQAF

Pamela PenistonThank you so much for attending the events of the 2015 National Queer Arts Festival!
I believe our artist / curators brought some of the most exciting, topical & beautiful work to stages in SF & Oakland this year!

You are an integral part of Qcc and you support NQAF artists with both your attendance and, when possible, your ticket purchase.

Tonight we begin the next round of commissions to artists for 2016! If you have a great idea for a program, we ask you to come to our commissioning meetings for Creating Queer Community!

We also urge you to support queer art with a contribution to Qcc – we are hoping to expand our program into the East Bay and your donation to Qcc can help this happen!

Thank you!

Photo: Pamela Peniston, artistic director

Book Project: PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

Pre-order the Beautiful Photography Book

German photographer and queer woman Anja Müller has created a crowdfunding project to fund the publication of her next photography book: PAARE 2 (Couples), an erotic photography book. You can help fund this publication by pre-ordering a copy Anja Müller’s beautiful photography book at the crowdfunding page.

Photo by Anja Müller

Photo from PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

Cover of PAARE 2 by Anja MüllerAnja Müller’s recent photography project PAARE 2 (Couples) is now turned into a 192 pages long book showing intimate, powerful, exciting, poetic, tender and loving photos of 40 couples, gay and straight, young and old, having sex, hugging, kissing, teasing each other, or simply cuddling.

Nudity means to expose oneself, physically and mentally. It means to show personality and to feel the emotional presence of your partner. Müller’s pictures are full of affection and devotion. The photographer documents intimacy and fondness, not voyeurism. Her couples affect each other, the photographer and the viewer.

Anja Müller’s photography is placed in between enactment and authenticity. She produces a secure setting in which the couples feel comfortable. All kisses are real kisses. All physical contact is real contact, which the couples chose to engage in.

The viewers don’t know how long the couples have been dating. They don’t know how old they are, where they are from, how they met, or what they do for a living. Nevertheless they get the feeling that they do know the couples and that they understand how they function. They can feel their love for each other.

Sometimes melancholic, sometimes euphoric, sometimes passionate, humorous, or pragmatic, set in a bedroom, a kitchen, or a corridor: Anja Müller’s pictures reveal that there are many ways to love each other, physically and emotionally.

Illustration above right: The cover of PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

Photo by Anja Müller
Photo from PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

Photo by Anja Müller
Photo from PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

Photo by Anja Müller
Photo from PAARE 2 by Anja Mülle

About Anja Müller

Photographer Anja Müller is a professional photographer who loves working with people making special portraits of them; she has already published a number of photography books featuring her portraits and nude photographs: Frauen 2 (2010), Mittendrin (2008), Ichdich (2006), 60plus (2002), Männer (2001), Frauen (2000). Read more about her photography books at Anja Müller’s website. Anja Müller is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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Video ‘Ein kurzer film über das schönsehen‘ (in German) about Anja Müller and her photography project PAARE (Couples).

Queer Art Mentorship – Call for Applications

Queer Art Mentorship – Call for Applications for the 2015-2016 Cycle

Further details about how to apply.

Queer Art Mentorship

are pairing and supporting mentorship between queer working artists in New York City. The 2015-2016 mentors are Arthur Aviles; Shannon Michael Cane; Angela Dufresne; Avram Finkelstein; Thomas Allen Harris; Silas Howard; Jaime Manrique; Stacie Passon; Sarah Schulman and Talvin Wilks.
Further details about the programme at the Queer Art Mentorship.

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June 20 – 21, 2015
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655 Mission St, San Francisco
11am – 5pm
The Event is Free with the Museum Entry Fee.

The Expo encourages attendees to dress up, draw, meet queer and queer friendly artists and organizations, participate in roundtable discussions, and learn about the fierce LGBTQ world of comic books.

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