Germaine Krull 100 x Paris

Germaine Krull 100 x Paris. Look inside the book.

Photography Book

100 x Paris by Germaine Krull
Article by Florent Fels
Published by Verlag der Reihe, Berlin-Westend, 1929

Germaine Krull

Bisexual photographer Germaine Krull (1897-1985) was a political activist (communist) from 1918 – 1921. Wikipedia writes that she was “described as “an especially outspoken example” of a group of early 20th-century female photographers who “could lead lives free from convention”, she is best known for photographically-illustrated books such as her 1928 portfolio Métal.”
And we love her for her a portfolio of sensual and sexual encounters between women, which she made in Berlin, which she had made her home in 1922 and 1925 after being expelled from Russia. In 1926 she moved to Paris, where she by 1928 was considered one of the best photographers in Paris. Her photographic work consisted primarily of photojournalism. Alongside her work as a photojournalist she was a hotel owner. After retiring from the hotel business in 1966 she moved to Northern India and converted to the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism. Her final major photographic project was the publication of her book, Tibetans in India (Bombay: Allied Publishers, 1968).

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Arrangement by Coral Short

Arrangement from Coral Short on Vimeo.


by Coral Short


Working with the flamboyant excess that is gay aesthetic – the performance artist/ film maker has created a deeply personal moment for the audience with a humongous bouquet of flowers. Playing on the double meaning of the word “arrangement” the artist alludes to the unspoken and sometimes difficult arrangements we make interpersonally in queer community. This flowery performance unfolds a slow humorous bodily transformation which leads to a surprising and tender outcome.

Hackney Live – Christa Holka

Hackney Live – Christa Holka (2013)

Hackney Live About the Artist

Christa Holka was born in the USA and now lives and works in London. Christa’s work mainly uses photography to deal with issues of documenting and archiving the communities in which she exists. Christa has an MA in Fine Art from Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, a BA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago and a BA in Literature from the University of New York at Buffalo.”