TERESA INANNA by Liliana Kleiner


Art and Video: Liliana Kleiner
Editing: Claudia Medina
Music: “Song of Genesis” by Ruth Weider Mangan and Mark Eliyahu
Lamamc’e: Marc Eliyahu
Voice and Text: Ruth Weider Magan, based on Jewish mystical writings.
The video was published in May 2015.

Liliana Kleiner says, I showed it in Europe this winter, bringing a peace of this paradise to them, and they loved it enjoy it! – The video celebrates the feminine archetype in the world, both in nature and culture, as an earthy feminine spirit vision, inspired by past manifestations of the spiritual feminine in the world: the ancient Sumerian goddess-queen Inanna and Teresa de Avila, the Spanish saint from the 16th century. Inanna’s cult was the last female religion of five thousand years ago, before the rising of the patriarchal world, a feminine religion that believed in the integration of the three worlds: Heaven – Earth – Underworld; and in the creation of wholeness and balance between the opposites (male and female, above and below). Teresa de Avila was an exceptional woman, a mystic, social reformer, writer and feminist pioneer, who united in her life the spiritual and social worlds from a feminist perspective.


Press release by Michèle Pearson Clarke

From Parade of Champions by Michele Pearson Clarke
Photograph from Parade of Champions by Michele Pearson Clarke, 2015.

About the Exhibition

Parade of Champions explores the grief experiences of three black queer people, following the deaths of their mothers. Although grief is borne from loss of any kind, for an adult child, a mother’s death is incomparable. As universal and inevitable as it might be, this suffering is complicated by the restriction on mourning in our culture. Grief upsets us. It makes us uncomfortable. The bereaved are expected to mourn in private or at the very most, publicly for a short period only. For black queers, already unseen and othered, grieving a mother’s death requires a further pushing back against notions of disposability and invisibility.

Drawing on Clarke’s experience after her mother’s death in 2011, Parade of Champions centres this black queer counter-narrative in creating a poetic encounter with loss. Employing still video portraits and audio interviews, this immersive three-channel installation invites viewers to bear witness to this black queer grief.

WHEN: June 5th–June 28th, 2015
WHERE: Ryerson Image Centre Student Gallery, 33 Gould Street, Toronto, ON
OPENING RECEPTION: June 10th, 5:00–8:00 pm
GALLERY HOURS: Tue, Thu, Fri: 11:00 am–6:00 pm, Wed: 11:00
am–8:00 pm, Sat–Sun: 12:00–5:00 pm
ARTIST TALK: June 10th, 6:00–7:00 pm

From Parade of Champions by Michele Pearson Clarke
Photograph from Parade of Champions by Michele Pearson Clarke, 2015.

Artist Talk

Conversation with the Artist: Michèle Pearson Clarke and Deanna Bowen Join Michèle Pearson Clarke for an artist talk and conversation with interdisciplinary artist and educator Deanna Bowen, about the making of Parade of Champions as well issues related to documenting and bearing witness to the black experience.

WHEN: June 10th, 6:00–7:00 pm
WHERE: Ryerson Image Centre, 33 Gould Street

About the Artist

Michèle Pearson Clarke is a Trinidad-born artist, based in Canada, who works in photography, film, video and installation. Using archival, performative and processoriented strategies, her work explores queer and black diasporic longing and loss. Recent exhibitionMichèle Pearson Clarkes and screenings include We Can’t Compete: A Feminist Art Gallery Satellite Project at the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, Pleasure Dome New Toronto Works, International Film Festival Rotterdam and Images Festival. While at Ryerson, her research has focused on representations of grief in documentary, and she was the recipient of Ontario Graduate Scholarships in both 2013 and 2014. She holds a BA (Honours) in Psychology from Queen’s University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Toronto. Currently, Clarke is a member of the Feminist Art Gallery board collective and serves on the board of directors at Gallery 44.

From Parade of Champions by Michele Pearson Clarke
Photograph from Parade of Champions by Michele Pearson Clarke, 2015.

Romaine Brooks: A Life by Cassandra Langer

Press release

Cover: Romaine Brooks a Life
The Cover of Romaine Brooks a Life by Cassandra Langer (UW Press, September 2015)

Romaine Brooks (1874–1970)

The artistic achievements of Romaine Brooks (1874–1970), both as a major expatriate American painter and as a formative innovator in the decorative arts, have long been overshadowed by her fifty-year relationship with writer Natalie Barney and a reputation as a fiercely independent, aloof heiress who associated with fascists in the 1930s. In Romaine Brooks: A Life, art historian Cassandra Langer provides a richer, deeper portrait of Brooks’s aesthetics and experimentation as an artist—and of her entire life, from her chaotic, traumatic childhood to the enigmatic decades after World War II, when she produced very little art. This provocative, lively biography takes aim at many myths about Brooks and her friends, lovers, and the subjects of her portraits, revealing a woman of wit and passion who overcame enormous personal and societal challenges to become an extraordinary artist and create a life on her own terms.

Romaine Brooks: A Life

introduces much fresh information from Langer’s decades of research on Brooks and establishes this groundbreaking artist’s centrality to feminism and contemporary sexual politics as well as to visual culture. Romaine Brooks: A Life will by Cassandra Langer be published in September 2015 by University of Wisconsin Press, USA.

About Cassandra Langer

Cassandra Langer 2015 iconCassandra Langer is an art historian, critic, and appraiser. She is the author and editor of several books, including New Feminist Criticisms: Art, Identity, Action. She lives in New York and blogs at cassandralanger.com.

The Book Tour

Cassandra is available for visiting speaker opportunities events, workshops etc. She can speak on a number of subjects. She needs to fund her book tour so any help would be much appreciated. Cassandra says: It’s been a very long haul of rolling the rock but well worth it. Let me know what you think. Suggestions always welcome.

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Rome: GendErotica May 22 – 24, 2015

GendErotica 2015

is the necessary and inevitable step after GendErotica 2013: Fem. The visions, contradictions and imaginary that came out from last edition have defined the topics of the coming edition of the festival.

It’s clear from the community response related to Queer Feminity is difficult, especially as long as we have to face feminine-hetero-normative concepts and prejudices. This contradiction opens a question on what might be legitimately queer?

We will not dictate the definitions of what is Queer, what is legitimate to be considered as Queer, whose bodies belong to queer experience, what is supposed to be “your” meaning of queer.

Queer starts from the internal experience, each one has its own unique personal experience, starting from oneself, which stands in opposition to any kind of conformity. Body, eroticism and sexuality are effective tools to deconstruct any image that each of us creates for ourselves. These are some of the fields where social stigma operates to prevent individual free choice and self-determination of the body. That’s why, we’re particularly interested in talking about eroticism, pornography, femmes, trans, sex workers, feminism, desires, fantasies, imaginaries moving out from different points of view, also including those artists who are not coming from queer scene but identify themselves in a queer festival.

GendErotica, May 2015

We will use irony as the best way to provoke contradictions and liveliness. We will present performance art that is political, as well as will offer theater, performance, labs, visual art, readings, cinema, documentaries and our open lab called Queer Infection. We will do all this with the will to share this experience with those ones who wish to join our festival and contribute to create a free, safe, aware, consensual space. We will do all of this because Queer is, first of all, a search of freedom.

Entrance: suggested donation 5 euro per day


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Check the complete programme and all informations about artists on: GendErotica2015

Were the Lesbian Artists Hiding in Plain Sight?

“Lesbian artists generally had three main options in regards to how they presented — or hid — their sexuality. The first option was to keep their orientation private and compete with male artists using subject matter that did not relate to their sexuality. The next was to participate in the feminist art movement creating work with and for women. The last option was to make lesbianism the decisive subject of their work and demand that their sexuality be seen as a part of their work. Out of these three options working within the feminist art movement generally proved to be the path of least resistance. One could participate in a community of women artists and enjoy a level playing field.”

- Melissa Huang 2012, from the paper ‘Where were the Lesbian Pop Artists?