PASSAGE & PLACE at the National Queer Arts Festival 2014

Passages & Places

PASSAGE & PLACE: a multimedia visual arts exhibition

OPENING: Sunday, June 1st
Alley Cat Books Gallery

Passage & Place is a multimedia visual arts exhibition, book project, and skillshare series that explores displacement & movement, freedom & incarceration, and home & im/migration at the intersection of queerness.

How do our individual and collective bodies affect and politicize the space around them, and how does the space around us affect and politicize our individual and collective bodies? How do our identities inform the way we understand movement/displacement and freedom/confinement? In what ways can coping mechanisms transform into intentional acts of strengthening?

Featured artists include Black Salt Collective’s Sarah Biscarra-Dilley and Grace Rosario Perkins, Paper Buck in collaboration with members of the Transgender, Gender Variant & Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), and Zeph Fishlyn in collaboration with the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. Curator Lex Non Scripta and Annah Anti-Palindrome will display a collection of artwork and letters from incarcerated and non-incarcerated queers addressing ideas of and relationships to Home.

Work by Henriette Hellstern-Kjoeller
Work by non-incarcerated queer artist Henriette Hellstern-Kjoeller, Denmark, for PASSAGE & PLACE, 2014.

PASSAGE & PLACE: a print anthology on Home

For the PASSAGE & PLACE book project we have compiled a collection of written and visual artwork from queer and trans folx both inside and outside of prison, that consider and complicate the topic of “Home”. Some contributers include Virgie Tovar (author of Hot & Heavy), Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (author of Consentual Genocide, editor of The Revolution Starts at Home), Heidi Andrea Rhodes (co-founder & editor of Reveries & Rage), Ellie Krnich (co-chair of Femme Conference), Veronica Stein (Fabulous Brown Works), Jacks McNamara (author of Inbetweenland, co-founder of The Icarus Project), Banah Ghadbian (Feminist Wire), and more!

As part of reaching beyond walls, we partnered with the TGI (Transgender | Gender Variant | Intersex) Justice Project/TGIJP and Black & Pink to send the Passage & Place call for submissions to currently incarcerated LGBTQ prisoners. We received over 100 letters, poems, and artwork! A collection of these letters and images will be bound and printed into an anthology released in conjunction with the Passage & Place exhibition at the National Queer Arts Festival, 2014.

Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller a Non-incarcerated Queer Artist

Danish queer artist Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller’s artwork (above) was selected for the anthology. She is very excited as this is the second time that she is taking part in an art project under the auspices of The National Queer Arts Festival in California, USA. Henriette says: ‘In my arts practice I explore the intersection between the masculine sweaty uncontrolled animalistic expressionist art and feminism’s fighting spirit. I tell stories about equal righte, body, gender, and method with my fat white body, a body without a lot of useful skills, but with an edgy humor that can cut way (for me) through the dialogue. The body being the foundation of my works is expressed through performative videos and abstract expressionist paintings.’

About Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller

Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller is Danish artist and lesbian based in Copenhagen. She graduated from the Funen Arts’ Accademy in 2011. She works with paintings, video, performance, installations and other medias. Her works has also been selected for several exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. She made her first solo exhibitions ‘StressHat’ in Copenhagen (2012). She loves to present her queer works in a queer context and has taken part in GendErotica 2013 (Rome), Entzaubert DIY Queer Film Festival 2010, 2012 (Berlin), Queere Filmtage Zürich 2012, Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage 2010 (Hamburg) and Threads at SOMArts Cutural Center (San Francisco) 2010. Henriette is not afraid of dealing thoroughly with controversial subjects such as equal rights, power, sexuality and good versus evil.

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Lesbian Lives Conference 2015 – Call For Proposals

Excerpt of a press release by Lesbian Lives Conference (cross-posted at facebook)

The call for contributions for the 2015 Lesbian Lives Conference: Lesbian Feminism/s Now! – Send us your proposals. Now!

CfP: Lesbian Lives Conference 2015: Lesbian Feminism/s Now

The theme for the 2015 Lesbian Lives Conference is Lesbian Feminism/s Now. The conference will take place at the University of Brighton, UK on the 20-21 February 2015 and is hosted by University of Brighton LGBT and Queer Life Research Hub in conjunction with the Women’s Studies Centre, University College Dublin. The organisers of this two-day international and interdisciplinary conference now welcome proposals from academics, scholars, students, activists, documentary and film-makers, writers and artists.

Proposals are welcomed on (but not limited to) the following:

Lesbian Feminism and Contemporary Politics
Historicising Lesbian Feminism
Lesbian Feminist Ethics
Lesbian Feminist Philosophy
Lesbian Feminist politics and direct action
Lesbian Feminism and Physical Culture (including sport)
Lesbian Feminism and Intersectionalities (race, class, dis/ability)
Black Lesbian Feminism
Trans Lesbian Feminism
Queer Lesbian Feminism
Bi Lesbian Feminism
Lesbian Feminist Politics and Direct Action
Lesbian Feminist Communities
Sleeping with the Enemy: Political Lesbianism
Lifestyle activism
The Lavender Menace: Lesbians and Straight Feminists
The Ideology and Practice of Separatism
Panels on key thinkers in Lesbian Feminism
Sisterhood is Global?: Lesbian Feminism Internationally
Wimmin’s Lands
Androgyny: Theory & Practice
Lesbian Feminist Fashion, Aesthetics and Body Culture
Filling Up & Spilling Over: Lesbian Feminist Music
‘Of Woman Born’: Lesbian Feminist Literature
Lesbian Feminist Art
Beyond God the Father: Lesbian Feminism, Religion & Sprituality
Lesbian Feminist Food cultures
Lesbian Feminist Events & Rituals
Sex Wars: Lesbian Feminist Sex & Sexuality
The Wanderground: Lesbian Feminist Imagination and Utopias
Lesbian Nations: Lesbian Feminist Organisations
Lesbian Feminism in Mainstream Politics
Lesbian Feminism in the Curriculum
Representations of Lesbian Feminisms
Lesbian lives in relation to neoliberal feminism

The Conference Organisers Welcome Proposals

for (A) individual papers, (B) sessions, (C) round table discussions, (D) workshops and (E) visual presentations or performances. This conference also includes a series of film screenings, which run concurrently with the main programme. We encourage submissions across all genres, both fact and fiction which align to the conference theme, and which have been produced between 2013-2015.

The Lesbian Lives Conference is open to all genders and any political and sexual orientations. There is an ethos of welcome and accessibility.

Deadline June 1, 2014

E-mail proposals of no more than 300 words to by 1st June 2014. For more details and for regular conference updates visit:

The Lesbian Lives Conference has been organised by the Women’s Studies Centre at University College Dublin for the first seventeen years and in 2011 celebrated its 18th birthday in Brighton. In 2015 The University of Brighton is delighted to co-host the 22nd conference.

About The Lesbian Lives Conference

The Lesbian Lives Conference is not just the world’s only annual academic conference in Lesbian Studies, it is a large international event that draws speakers and participants from all continents and hosts the best-known as well as emerging scholars in the field. In the past we have hosted Emma Donoghue, Jackie Kay, Joan Nestle, Cherry Smyth, Del La Grace Volcano, Sarah Waters and academics such as Sara Ahmed, Terry Castle, Laura Doan, Lillian Faderman, Sarah Franklin, Claire Hemmings, Alison Hennegan, Sally R. Munt, Helena Whitbread, Bonnie Zimmerman among many others.

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The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture – Artist Clarity Haynes

Part 6 of the conference, The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture

The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture, 2011
Speaker: Artist Clarity Haynes College Art Association Conference Panel/Special Event, February 12, 2011. Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Brandon Brame Fortune, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Diane Radycki, Director, Payne Gallery, Moravian; Kathleen Gilje, Artist; Patricia Cronin, Artist and Associate Professor, Brooklyn College; Clarity Haynes, Artist; Wilhelmina Obatola Grant, Portrait Subject; and Robin Burdulis, Portrait Subject.

Moderated by: Beth Gersh-Nesic, Director, New York Arts Exchange.

Videos by:
bportraitprjct at Vimeo

The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture, 2011

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Vancouver: New Beginnings at Pride in Art

Press Release by QAF

The Pride in Art Society is delighted to announce it has been approved for Operating Assistance in the Professional Arts Festivals program at the BC Arts Council. This is a milestone for the Pride in Art Society, and the promotion from project funding to operating funding reflects an important endorsement.

The assessment committee praised the Pride in Art’s Queer Arts Festival for its “incredible work and great aggressive programming… with the bar set very high on artistic achievement… a very healthy, broad demographic. Advisors appreciated the intensive work with youth, showing commitment especially to young artistic people. It is very important to have mentorship in place… Advisors remarked that the organization is strong, organized, really well managed and doing very well… Extremely strong, well qualified people from the board to operations, production and administration are doing all the right things.”

Operating client status recognizes Pride in Art as an “established arts festival organizations that produce a major annual festival, present and feature professional artists, have a clear unifying theme or vision, and have stable artistic and administrative leadership.” This highly coveted achievement offers a measure of stability in provincial government funding, in the midst of much economic uncertainty for arts organizations.

This milestone comes at an exciting time for the festival, with several other key changes taking place in 2014. Theo Jakob joined the Pride in Art team in January 2014 as Managing Director. Theo comes to us after 4 years as Festival Program Coordinator at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, with particular expertise as a consultant and community programmer whose work often centres around policy, organizational development, sustainability, anti-oppression and accessibility. We are excited to welcome this brilliant young arts administrator to our team.

Kenneth Yuen joined the team in March 2014 as Communications Coordinator. Over the past 5 years, he has worked with various artist-run centres and organizations, including Access Gallery, and On Main Gallery. Kenneth comes from a visual arts background and has worked as a project assistant on many projects with Paul Wong, co-curator of QAF 2013: TransgressionNow.

Finally, 2014 also sees long-time QAF team member Rachel Iwaasa take the helm as Acting Artistic Director during a one-year sabbatical for founding Artistic Director SD Holman.

Pride in Art has also relocated its office from the East Side to the West End. Now housed on the second floor of Gordon Neighbourhood House at Broughton and Comox, we are tickled pink to find a place in Vancouver’s other gaybourhood.

“These are dynamic new beginnings for QAF,” enthused Acting Artistic Director Rachel Iwaasa. “It is so heartening to see the overwhelming surge of public support we experienced last Spring reflected by government funders, and we are grateful to the Province of British Columbia for its support of the arts. We look forward to this new relationship with the BC Arts Council, and will work hard to continue to earn their confidence.”

The Pride in Art Society produces the Queer Arts Festival (QAF), a three-week artist-run professional multi-disciplinary arts festival at the Roundhouse every July-August in Vancouver. QAF celebrates the unique creative expressions of visual and performing artists who identify as queer — people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, and intersex. QAF is Canada’s only professional queer festival with a curated visual arts exhibition, a community visual art show, a series of performing arts events, and workshops for adults and youth. QAF produces, presents and exhibits work with a curatorial vision favouring innovative, challenging, thought-provoking art that pushes boundaries and initiates dialogue, and has garnered wide acclaim as “an out-and-out cultural bonanza” (Vancouver Sun), “some of the most adventurous of any local arts festival” (Vancouver Province) and “on the forefront of aesthetic and cultural dialogue today” (Xtra).

QAF 2014, ReGenerations will run from July 23-August 9.

The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture – Patricia Cronin

Excerpt part 5 of The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture conference: Artist Patricia Cronin from bportraitprojct on Vimeo. Published 2011.

Part 5 of The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture

Artist Patricia Cronin on White Marmorean Flock and her book HARRIET HOSMER – LOST AND FOUND. A CATALOGUE RAISONNE (2009).
College Art Association Conference Panel/Special Event, February 12, 2011 at
Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA.


Brandon Brame Fortune, Curator, National Portrait Gallery;
Diane Radycki, Director, Payne Gallery, Moravian;
Kathleen Gilje, Artist;
Patricia Cronin, Artist and Associate Professor, Brooklyn College;
Clarity Haynes, Artist;
Wilhelmina Obatola Grant, Portrait Subject;
and Robin Burdulis, Portrait Subject.


Beth Gersh-Nesic, Director, New York Arts Exchange.

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