Schwules Museum* Berlin – Zanele Muholi Photograph

Press release

Zanele Muholi. Photography

at Schwules Museum* in Berlin
22 March to 9 June 2014
Curators: Birgit Bosold & Wolfgang Theis

The Schwules Museum* in collaboration with Amnesty International present an extensive exhibition of South African artist Zanele Muholi’s photographic works. You and your friends are cordially invited to:

a panel discussion at 6pm and

the opening of the exhibition at 8pm on 21 March 2014.

„Love is a Human Right – Sexualized Violence against Lesbians in South-Africa” – with Zanele Muholi, Sherlock Fortuin (human rights activist) and Selmin Çaliskan (Secretary General of Amnesty International Germany).
Moderation: Ines Pohl (Editor-in-Chief of taz)

An internationally recognized photographer, filmmaker and activist, Zanele Muholi deals with the experiences of the ‘black’ queer and especially lesbian community in South Africa and other African countries. In a repressive social and political climate which condemns queer ways of living and in which lesbians, gay men and trans* are faced with constant discrimination and persecution, her works represent acts of self-assertion and empowerment.

Her photographs intervene, are themselves deeds, political activism and resistance. She achieves a thematization of violence which does not portray individuals as victims. On the contrary, her photographs depict people who gaze confidently into the camera, make their own decisions and have voices of their own.

The exhibition presents and exclusive selection of Muholi’s body of work. Alongside an assortment of pieces chosen from amongst the artist’s early work (2003-2005), the Schwules Museum exhibits images from the series Beloved (2005-2010), Being (2007) and Faces and Phases (ongoing since 2006), as well as a selection of Muholi’s works on trans*persons and the video works Difficult Love (2010) and @24 (2011-2012).

Zanele Muholi – Activist, photographer and filmmaker

lives and works in Johannesburg, recipient of the LGBTI Art and Culture Award in 2005 and 2009, as well as the Freedom of Expression Award from Index on Censorship in 2013. At the biennial of African photography Les Rencontres de Bamako (Bamako Encounters), Muholi was commended as best female photographer with the Jean-Paul Blachère and Casa Africa Awards. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows, including Le Case d’Arte, Milan; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco; Stevenson, Cape Town; Documenta 13, Kassel; Kunsthalle Wien project space, Vienna; Mori Art Museum, Tokyo. In 2006, Zanele Muholi founded the online project Inkanyiso, “queer activism = queer media”.

Chicano Park iPhoneography by Tina Rice

Artist statement and photos by Tina Rice / COMBO APPS: Mobile Extreme Editing

Chicano Park by Tina Rice
Photo from the Chicano Park iPhoneography series by Tina Rice

Artist Statement by Tina Rice

Tina Rice: I’m a photography/mobile based artists. Everything I do now is from my iPhone and iPad. All my traditional photographic education came from Grossmont College and MOPA Workshops. The Digital Photography came from taking two classes at Grossomont and self taught from Flickr. I taught myself how to use a lot of the photo and art software programs. This is how I learned, how to push and manipulate pixels, since I could not do it in the darkroom anymore.

2010 when I got my iPhone 4, it changed the way I photograph and edit photos. After learning how to push pixels on Photoshop, it was easy to do this with mobile photo apps. I taught myself how to edit photos using different combination of applying photo apps on top of each other. I wanted to learn more about other photo apps and buy more of them. I was into two websites, iPhoneography (no longer exists) and Life in Lofi: iPhoneography. The websites provided reviews on photos apps, but didn’t really tell you how to operate them or go into real details.

Since I wanted to learn more with no blogs out there to teach you anything about Mobile Photography or Editing. On New Years Day 2011, I decided to write my own blog posts called Combo Apps: Mobile Extreme Editing with only a handful of readers. Today I have a few thousands readers, test photo apps for developers, write product reviews for mobile photo gear, a guest writer for Life in Lofi: iPhoneography and helping out Dan Macrolina with Mobile Masters. I even help out Android Mobile Photographers. Marty Yawnick, who publishes Life in LoFi, has quoted:
Tina Rice is The App Jedi of the Mobile Arts Movement. She dosen’t just execute a few photos apps well but hundreds of photo apps really well…!!!

Chicano Park by Tina Rice
Photo from the Chicano Park iPhoneography series by Tina Rice

Chicano Park iPhoneography

The photos that are shown from the Chicano Park iPhoneography series are taken from my iPhone 4S and edited on my iPad. The apps that were used are ProCamera (n/a), Snapseed and PicBoost. They were taken at Chicano Park. Chicano Park is over 40 years old, iconic to San Diego and part of the Hispanic Community. It is one of the most beautiful parks in San Diego with the large colorful murals, painted under the overpass to Coronado Bridge.

The park has had a lot of cultural and violent history, today the park is safe to walk around during the day and snap a few pictures. It a quiet park where you see people walking in, out and around the park, playing handball in the racquetball court, people sitting at the benches socializing or tossing a few hoops at the basketball court. You will see the occasional drunk who has passed out on the grassy knoll.

I’ve been down there twice to take photos. The first time with my DSLR and a photographer friend. The second time alone with my iPhone, early in the morning on an overcast day during May Gray.

Chicano Park by Tina Rice
Photo from the Chicano Park iPhoneography series by Tina Rice

Chicano Park by Tina Rice
Photo from the Chicano Park iPhoneography series by Tina Rice

Chicano Park by Tina Rice
Photo from the Chicano Park iPhoneography series by Tina Rice

About Tina Rice

Tina Rice was born and raised in San Diego, California. She is a photographer, blogger and out artist, who publishes step by step tutorials on extreme editing with apps on iDevices and other mobile devices at her website Combo Apps: Mobile Extreme Editing. Along with in-depth app reviews, products, mobile photo essays. You can find and follow her on Instagram @ashcroft54 or see her artworks at her Flickr photostream.

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The Last Opening at Strange Loop Gallery, New York

Press release by Strange Loop Gallery
Summer Sang In Me

Strange Loop Gallery Proudly presents:


March 7-28, 2014
opening hours Thursday – Sunday 12-7pm
PS: This is also the last opening at our gallery: we will be closing our doors April 1st, so don’t miss it!


Sunday March 16th from 3-5pm: ‘Tea with Katrina’: informal artist talk, reading, video showing.
Saturday March 22nd 7-9pm: ‘AN EVENING WITH KATRINA AND FRIENDS’
Sarah Greenwood, Karyn Kuhl, Lizzie (aka Imperial Alexandra), readings by Amanda Pollock, and Katrina del Mar, more special guests TBD.

Summer Sang in Me

a solo exhibition featuring photographs, videos and zines by New York-based artist Katrina del Mar. ‘Summer Sang In Me’ is a compilation of Katrina del Mar’s intimate photographic and video portraits of lovers, ex lovers, close friends and beautiful strangers. Entwined with self-portraits and elemental landscapes, these images map out the semi-fictional road trip of her life. In no particular order Del Mar is an artist, photographer, human being, lover. Her style is realistic /romantic; messy at times, tactile, beautiful, and gritty. Her pictures are foremost captured with a taste and passion for life in general, and for women in all their individuality of beauty and power in particular.

Reading like an unbound, semi-fictive yet very personal journal, the images, video clips and zines make up a story of restlessness, a study in fascination verging on obsession. The insistent drive to hold onto remnants of people so as not to lose their memory results in a type of souvenir collecting of a most personal nature, and a longer temporal narrative emerges which sees participants striding in and out of the story sometimes once, sometimes many times. This exhibition serves up a softer, more romantic side of del Mar’s work, although the tough girl aesthetic clearly shines on in a series of images of planned bruises and fight-club aftermath, where tough girls proudly display evidence of their damage alongside evidence of unbridled lust.

Katrina Del Mar has been active in underground film, photography and erotic fiction for two decades, and her vision is as transcendent as it is transgressive._ Carlo McCormick, Photograph Magazine

“Any effort to map Katrina Del Mar’s cross-genre oeuvre within the contemporary art or film worlds would run the risk of missing its epic nature.” Jenifer P Borum


Claude Cahun at Jeu de Paume 2011

Claude Cahun – video by Jeu de Paume, France, 2011

The exhibition of Claude Cahun’s photographs at Jeu de Paume in Paris, France in 2011, and later exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012 featured a wide selection of the artist’s works, some of which have seldom been exhibited. In the above video curators François Leperlier and Juan Vicente Aliaga discusses her work. Below art historian Amelia Jones discusses the ways Claude Cahun redefined the role of women in the arts.