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Su Friedrich

Sink or Swim by Su Friedrich

This is a short clip from the film ‘SINK OR SWIM’ (1990, 48min.16mm) by New York-based filmmaker Su Friedrich. Related link Su …

Damned If You Don’t

This clip is from the film DAMNED IF YOU DON’T (1987. 42min. 16mm) by American filmmaker Su Friedrich. DAMNED IF YOU DON’T …

The Films Of Su Friedrich

Since the 1970’s, Friedrich’s skillful mix of experimental narrative and documentary forms, filled with provocative feminist and lesbian themes, has made her a groundbreaking member of the avant-garde film community and a pivotal force in the establishment of Queer Cinema. 13 of her films is now available on DVD.

Modern Women – Women Artists at The Museum of Modern Art

The landmark publication ‘Modern Women: Women Artists at The Museum of Modern Art’, in which the museum now openly discusses gender issues, and how instrumental women have been in advancing the arts to where they are today, is the greatest piece of art news, which I have heard in 2010.