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Feminine Moments' newsletter - 15th Anniversary

Feminine Moments' 15th Anniversary

November 2018

Edited by Birthe Havmoeller

Dear Reader,

Hurray! I am celebrating the 15th anniversary of Feminine Moments. I launched Feminine Moments as a non-profit art project in November 2003 and created the first version of the resource website soon after. And I have been blogging about queer feminist art for the last decade, sharring pieces of news about queer feminist artists and their art projects. See my anniversary post (below) with my season selfie :-) and a story about my work with Feminine Moments which besides the blogging includes a lot of tinkering with the Feminine Moments website, improving its functions and the presentation of the artists and their works.

In this issues of the Feminine Moments' newsletter I am happy to present performance artists Ann Antidote and Notorische Ruhestörung. They are co-creating a series of experimental performances combining improvised music/noise with bondage in Germany. See their performance video: 'Rope meets Noise' (below).

I am also happy to introduce you to Birmingham based photographer Marta Kochanek. I have shared a short promotional video and a lecture with her on Feminine Moments in which she is talking about her creative practice and her fascination with photography archives.

Copyright Birthe Havmoeller

Hurray! Feminine Moments is 15 years!

Hurray! I am celebrating the 15th anniversary of Feminine Moments. Read more.

Rope meets Noise

Rope meets Noise

Video (6:57): “Rope meets Noise” project // Ann Antidote + Notorische Ruhestörung // Berlin // Loophole // January 9, 2018. Read more.

Marta Kochanek - Two Journeys, One Destination

Marta Kochanek - Two Journeys, One Destination

Video (2:50): Birmingham based photographer Marta Kochanek talks about her creative practice. (2016). Read more.


STRANGELOVE - Open Call for Queer Arts

Are you a filmmaker, visual artist, musician, writer or performer experimenting with queer art in unexpected and gorgeous ways? Then submit your work for the STRANGELOVE queer arts festival in Antwerp, Belgium. Read more.


Art Book

copyright the artists

Threesome Exhibition Catalogue

Threesome is open at the Gallery, Liverpool, UK until December 2, 2018 - with full-colour catalogue available for the bargainous £15! Read more.



Copyright Emma Helle

Emma Helle: Delusion by Pear

Emma Helle: Delusion by Pear at Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland October 26 – November 25, 2018. Read more.

Copyright Danish Cultural Center in Beijing

HOPE & FEAR by Charlotte Haslund-Christensen in Beijin

HOPE & FEAR is a large scale video installation by Charlotte Haslund-Christensen (DK). It features hundreds of people from seven countries on six continents. They all answers the same two universal questions: What is your biggest hope? and What is your biggest fear? Read more.

Copyright Sarah Jane Moon

Threesome at The Gallery in Liverpool

Threesome, The Gallery, Liverpool, UK. November 4 - December 2, 2018. Read more.

Contribution to Light - The Early Works of Barbara Hammer

KOW Madrid, Spain, presents a solo exhibition of early works of Barbara Hammer. The exhibition runs through January 31, 2019. Read more.



Beyond the Lens: Starting Out 2018 - Marta Kochanek Photographer Talk

Video (44:20): award winning photographer Marta Kochanek talks about how she first got started in photography, her commissions, and life as a photographer. (June 27, 2018). Read more.

Barbara Hammer

The Art of Dying or (Palliative Art Making in the Age of Anxiety)

Video (56:36): in this performative lecture delivered at the Whitney on October 10, 2018, Barbara Hammer shares guidelines and film clips from her long-term art-making practice. Read more.

Visiting Artist Lecture: Sheila Pepe (2018)

Video (1:18:20): queer artists Sheila Pepe at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, January 2, 2018. Read more.

Times Talks - Annie Leibovitz

Video (1:11:54): Annie Leibovitz in conversation with Vanessa Friedman, New York Times, about her creative practice and her recent book 'Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005-2016', (Phaidon Press Ltd, 2017) at The New School in New York, USA, (2017). Read more.


Short Videos - Recent Art Exhibitions in London

Sadie Benning on Sleep Rock, Camden Arts Centre, 2018

Video (5:52): Sleep Rock is the first solo exhibition in the UK by New York-based artist Sadie Benning. Read more.

London College of Communication - Ken. To be destroyed (2017)

Video (2:36): London College of Communication presents Ken. To be destroyed by Sara Davidmann as part of its public 2017 programme of events and exhibitions. Read more.


Love and kisses,

Birthe Havmoeller // havmoeller@gmail.com