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Feminine Moments' newsletter - Queer Feminist Art Videos

Feminine Moments' newsletter - March 2020

Queer Feminist Short Films and videos

Edited by Birthe Havmoeller

Dear Reader,

Now as the lockdown of the cultural life around the world stops us from going out to cultural events and exhibitions, I am sending you queer feminist playlist with short films and video clips selected from Feminine Moments' post archive. I have been posting art videos, lectures, interviews and artist talks with queer feminist artists since 2008. In the videos below the artists invite you to gaze at the female body and reflect on what your body feels like. With many of us constantly being encouraged to distance ourselves from other people, other bodies these days, I feel it is important to keep smiling at life even though it has its strange and enstranging moments.

I Invite you to start immediately by watching "Urbahn Tango", a queer dance video. It can hardly be categorised as an art video because it is created for the international tango community, but I hope it'll make you smile. Enjoy!

Urbahn Tango - Dancers in the U-Bahn Berlin Subway

Video (3:11) Urbahn Tango, a dance video with Celeste Rodriguez and Katherine Gorsuch. Direction and camera Maddalena Zampitelli (2018).

The Playlist:

Roof - A Threesome by Emilie Jouvet

'Roof' (8 min.) is an art video by Queer French Filmmaker Emilie Jouvet, and she says that the film is a "Threesome on school roof : Kat, me, and you, bandes de petits pervers!" Read more.

Hairs by Camilla Storgaard

Video (3:59): Hairs by Camilla Storgaard (2011). Read more.

La máscara de Acerina (2001-2003)

Video (5:32): La máscara de Acerina (2001-2003) by Carmela García, Spain. Read more.

[ Double Blind # 3 ]

Video (3:50): Performance | 2013 | Video performance by Red Bind, the artist duo Gilivanka Kedzior and Barbara Friedman who are based in France. Read more.

Real Time Drawing by Lisa Gornick

Video (3:20): Artist and filmmaker Lisa Gornick drawing performance on sex in films. Read more.

Daria Werbowy in gender bending video by Cass Bird

Video (1:04): "Cass vs. Daria: In Collaboration" by Cass Bird. Read more.

Princess Diaries by Anna-Stina Treumund

Video (1:28): Princess Diaries: In The Corner, (2008) by late Estonian queer feminist artist Anna-Stina Treumund. Read more.

The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture - Artist Clarity Haynes

Part 6 of the conference, The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture, 2011. Speaker: American queer feminist artist Clarity Haynes. Read more.

Copyright Unceded Voices

Canadian Queer Feminist Street Art

Video (10:26): UNCEDED VOICES #3 (2015), interviews with Canadian queer artists Dayna Danger, Jessica Canard, Jessica Sabogal and Elizabeth Blancas. Read more.

Sheila Pepe on European Armor

Video (3:21): artist talk by queer feminist artist Sheila Pepe on her fascination with knights in shining armor. Video By The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, 2015. Read more.


Herstory - Interviews from the Archive

Dyke Action Machine Interview 1998

Video (7:37): Dyke Action Machine! (DAM!) interview. Originally produced by N3TV in 1998 in New York City. Read more.

Nicole Eisenman Interview 1996

Video (6:47): GalleryBeat's 1996 interview with Nicole Eisenman in a Soho gallery. Read more.

Birthe Havmoeller

Open Call for Materials for Publications at Feminine Moments' Art Blog

All lesbian, bisexual and queer women artists are welcome to send me materials for publication  - press releases, artist statements, photos of new works, videos, artist talks, lectures, etc. Read more.

Love and kisses,

Birthe Havmoeller // havmoeller@gmail.com