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Feminine Moments' newsletter - Pride Month, June 2021

Feminine Moments' newsletter - Pride Month, June 2021

Edited by Birthe Havmoeller

Dear Reader,

Apologies to my loyal readers, I skipped the May issue of the newsletter because I was busy creating the self-published free ebook, Queer Tango Futures; Dancing for Change in a Post-Covid World. The ebook is an anthology with essays and images by dancers for the international Queer Tango Movement which I have co-edited with Ray Batchelor and Mori Plaschinski. The book features a few of my queer tango images, my essay 'Queer Tango vs queer tango' and materials by 22 queer tango dancers.

This month I am delighted to introduce you to fine art photographer Renée Jacobs. Renée is based in France. See her artist's statement and erotic photographs of women on the art blog (link below). In her statement, Renée mentions her forthcoming books which will be published in the fall of 2021. Thanks, Renée for writing to me! I also want to thank Birgitta Hosesa (London) for sharing her lecture with me/us, see her video in the  section 'Lectures and Videos' below.

Copyright Renée Jacobs

Renée Jacobs - Artist's Statement

Renée Jacobs is one of the most celebrated photographers of the female nude of our time. Recipient of the prestigious International Photography Award for Fine Art Nude, her work has been exhibited and published around the world. Her photography books PARIS and POLAROIDS are currently open for pre-sales. Read more.

More Art Books

video still

Catherine Opie Studio Tour for 2021 Medium Festival of Photography

Video (35:36): queer feminist photographer Catherine Opie talks about her creative practise as she is taking you on a tour in her studio. Catherine mentions her new monographs, Catherine Opie (Phaidon, 2021) published in May 2021.  Read more.

Catherine Opie Interview

Video (53.14): Charcoal Book Club interviews Catherine Opie about her latest book, 'Catherine Opie', (Phaidon, 2021). This podcast ia an audio-only podcast. Read more.

video still copyright the videomaker

Forthcoming Book: 'Zoe Leonard: Al Rio / To the River'

Texas Talks Art presents Zoe Leonard and Tim Johnson with curator Ingrid Schaffner of The Chinati Foundation. They talk about Zoe Leonard's forthcoming book AL RIO /TO THE RIVER, edited by Tim Johnson. Read more.

A Conversation with Artist Liz Collins About "Energy Fields" (2020)

A Conversation with Artist Liz Collins About "Energy Fields" (2020)

Video (59:51): on September 16, 2020, Artist Liz Collins and SNMA Executive Director Hunter O'Hanian held a conversation about her recent book "Energy Field" (2020) and exhibition project at the Tang Museum imagining what a (queer) museum social space can be. Read more.


Lectures and Videos

Copyright Birgitta Hosea

UCA Inaugural Lecture: Birgitta Hosea

Birgitta Hosea is an artist, queer woman, curator and practice-based researcher. Currently Professor of Moving Image and Director of the Animation Research Centre at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham in England. In her Professorial Inaugural Lecture, she talks about her creative practise. Read more.

video still, copyright the videomaker

Cambridge Radical Feminist Network - Lecture by Rachel Ara

Video (1:07:05): a lecture by queer feminist artist Rachel Ara. She talks about her creative practise and and her experience with being de-platformed in 2019. Video by Cambridge Radical Feminist Network, 2021. The no platforming of (works by) older women artists, being labeled "turfs" is misogyny, the art world excluding critical women artists. Read more.

Video still, copyright the videomaker

Artist talk: Chitra Ganesh

Video (1.17.36): Queer feminist artist Chitra Ganesh talks about her creative practice. Video published by Hammer Museum, May 2021. Read more.

Copyright the videomaker

Artist Talk: Roni Horn in Conversation with Michelle White (June 2021)

Roni Horn joins the Menil’s Senior Curator Michelle White for a live, online conversation about her work, "Gold Field" made in 1994-95. Read more.



Nicole Eisenman – Giant Without a Body

Nicole Eisenman – Giant Without a Body

Nicole Eisenman – Giant Without a Body at the Astrup Fernley Museet in Oslo, Norway, 05/28/2021—08/29/2021. This post features two videos about key works in the retrospective exhibition. Read more.

Exhibition poster

The Rebel Dykes Art & Archive Show

REBEL DYKES ART & ARCHIVE SHOW, June 25th - September 17th, 2021. Opening night: June 24th, 2021. Venue: Space Station Sixty-Five Gallery, Kennington, London UK. Read more.

HOPE & FEAR by Chalotte Haslund-Christensen

HOPE & FEAR by Chalotte Haslund-Christensen

Video (4:08): teaser about HOPE & FEAR, a three-panel video installation by Charlotte Haslund-Christensen. The video work is on display as a part of the exhibition 'This World is White No Longer' at Museum der Moderne in Salzburg 24th April - 10th October 2021. Read more.

Copyright Chitra Ganesh

Chitra Ganesh: A city will share her secrets if you know how to ask

'Chitra Ganesh: A city will share her secrets if you know how to ask' is a site specific installation for the facade of Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, New York - through October 18, 2021. Read more.

Happy Summer, Happy Pride!

Love and kisses,

Birthe Havmoeller, editor of Feminine Moments