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Feminine Moments' newsletter - issue #107

Feminine Moments' newsletter - issue #107

Edited by Birthe Havmoeller

Dear Reader,

I am happy to introduce you to painter Colette Hébert who has submitted her artist statement and a series of images. (Thanks Colette!)

Copyright Colette Hébert

Colette Hébert

Artist's Statement

I am unconcerned with figurative details in my paintings. Emotions are expressed broadly, through the body. Intricacies in facial expression, dress, or limb are minimal or nonexistent. The focus is on the body, a vessel for pleasure, desire, dreams, reflection. Read more.


The Queer Arts Festival (QAF), Vancouver, Canada:

SD Holman

SD Holman hands over the reins of The Pride in Art Society to Mark Takeshi McGrego

SD Holman will be stepping down after founding The Pride in Art Society 16 years ago and 14 years as Artistic & Executive Director, handing over the reins to Mark Takeshi McGregor as of October 1st, 2021. Read more.


Artists in Their Studios

Video still by Laurie Lipton

Laurie Lipton -


Video (1:34): a personal tour of Laurie Lipton's studio during the pandemic, 2020. Read more.

Video still copyright the videomaker

Meet the Artists - Mickalene Thomas (2019)

Video (3:50): Mickalene Thomas welcomed Art Basel to her Brooklyn studio in 2019. She talks about her queer gaze and her works celebrating African American women. Read more.


Lesbian Art Herstory

Video still: work by Ruth Bernhard

'Perspective II' by Ruth Bernhard

Video (3:20): in this Art Minutes video with Patricia Tomlinson, Curator of Exhibitions at the Appleton Museum of Art, talks about the work of fascinating German photographer Ruth Bernhard (1905 – 2006). Video by Appelton Museum of Art, 2020. Read more.

Painting by Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur - 'The Horse Fair'

Video (5:13): the short film 'Rosa Bonheur: “As far as males go, I only like the bulls I paint”' by the National Gallery, London, UK. Published in 2019 as a part of Women's History Month. Read more.

Video still copyright the videomaker

Mickalene Thomas - 'Clarivel Right'

Video (1.18): encrusted with rhinestones and beaming with glitter, ‘Clarivel Right’(2014) by Mickalene Thomas holds a gaze that has the power to look beyond the sparkling surface in which the model is rendered. Read more.

Copyright Laurie Lipton

Drawings by Laurie Lipton

Video (15.42): slideshow with drawings by Laurie Lipton. Read more.



Video still, copyright the videomaker

A Conversation with Illustrator and Cartoonist Yao Xiao

Video (59:05): cartoonist and illustrator Yao Xiao discussed her serialized comic Baopu and debut graphic novel "Everything Is Beautiful, And I’m Not Afraid". Read more.


Love and kisses,

Birthe Havmoeller, editor of Feminine Moments