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Feminine Moments' newsletter - issue #108

Feminine Moments' newsletter - issue #108

Edited by Birthe Havmoeller

Dear Reader,

How are you? I hope this newsletter finds you on a day where you are in the mood to relax with a big cup of tea and a queer feminist art video on Feminine Moments. 

Art Book

Modern Women Artists 3: Marlow Moss, with Lucy Howarth

Modern Women Artists 3: Marlow Moss, with Lucy Howarth

Video (54:51): In her presentation, art researcher and author Lucy Howarth talks about the life of Marlow Moss (1889–1958) who was a British Constructivist artist and a central figure in the development of European non-figurative art, and her art book 'Marlow Moss' (2019). This event was streamed live via Zoom on Thursday 18th March 2021. Read more.



Copyright Sadie Lee

Sadie Lee Shocking Blue: Paintings of Sandy Powell and Other Stories

Sadie Lee Shocking Blue: Paintings of Sandy Powell and Other Stories. Opening: November 4, 2021, 19.30-21.30 hrs. Venue: New Art Projects London, UK. Read more.

video still copyright the videomaker

Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe: Tabernacles for Trying Times

Video (3:14): an exhibition video about Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe: Tabernacles for Trying Times which is on display at the Museum of Art and Design in New York and runs through February 13, 2022. Read more.


Artist Talks

Copyright the videomaker

In the Frame: Queer Art and Community

Video (34:43) Bhenji Ra and Deborah Kelly in conversation with Eddie Ayres in Australia. Video published by Art Gallery NSW, March 2021. Read more.

Video still copyright the videomaker

Feminist Art Field School - Deirdre Logue & Allyson Mitchell

Video (45:43) queer feminist artists and partners Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell in conversation with Michelle Jacques and Chase Joynt about their creative practices and collaborative projects. Read more.

Video still. Copyright the videomaker

Catherine Opie: Ansel Adams in Our Time

Video (1:16:23): queer artist Catherine Opie for a discussion on her creative practice and her work in the Ansel Adams In Our Time exhibition at Portland Art Museum, May 5, 2021 – Aug 1, 2021. Read more.

Carrie Moyer, copyright the videomaker

Carrie Moyer, Pandemic Oral History Project, Archives of American Art, 2020

Video (21:17): interview with Carrie Moyer conducted August 20, 2020, by Benjamin Gillespie, for the Archives of American Art's Pandemic Oral History Project at Moyer's studio in Brooklyn, New York. Read more.


Lesbian Art Herstory

Painting by Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur - 'The Horse Fair'

Video (5:13): the short film 'Rosa Bonheur: “As far as males go, I only like the bulls I paint”' by the National Gallery, London, UK. Published on 8. March, 2019 as a part of Women's History Month. Read more.

Copyright Feminine Moments

Birthe Havmøller in Aarhus

I have shared a moment with one of Zanele Muholi's bold self-portraits from her series 'Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness'. The work is on display at Aros, my local art museum, in Aarhus, Denmark. Read more.

I wish you well and all the best with your creative projects. As always, I invite all queer women artists to share images of their artworks by submitting them for publication on Feminine Moments.

Love and kisses,

Birthe Havmoeller, editor of Feminine Moments