Linda Stein Artist Talk in Sweden

Video (33:48): American queer feminist artist Linda Stein in conversation with the director of Konstmuseet, Skövde Kulturhus, Sweden.

Kaucyila Brooke – Artist’s Talk

Video (1:47:30): Mexico February 2023, Kaucyila Brooke talks about a number of her art projects among others her research and art project about lesbian bars.

Drawing Diversity with Jennifer Camper (2014)

Video (56:47): Jennifer Camper, queer comic artist and editor of the new comic anthology Juicy Mother, brings contributing artists together to discuss comics as an expressive medium that is not representative enough in terms of diversity of perspectives.

Kate Groobey “Pure Pleasure” (2018)

Video (5:56): Mizuma Art Gallery in Japan presented British painter Kate Groobey’s solo exhibition “Pure Pleasure” in 2018. Here Kate Groobey talks about her exhibition and her partner being the source of inspiration for some of her paintings.

The Queer Lens: Photographers in Conversation

Video (1:02:35): Photographers Jaypix Belmer, Jess T. Dugan, and C. Rose Smith discuss how they use the photographic image to construct queer visual histories through intimate representations of individuals with nonbinary, transgender, and gender-expansive identities.