In the Studio with Catherine Opie

Video (6:22): American photographer Catherine Opie invites us into her Los Angeles studio to discuss her new solo show ‘Walls, Windows and Blood’.

Matchmaking in the Archives

Video (1:04:14): Sinister Visdom has invited interdisciplinary artist E.G. Crichton to talk about her project Matchmaking in the Archive. She is joined by Chris E. Vargas, Nancy Stockwell and TT Takemoto.

Linda Stein Artist Talk in Sweden

Video (33:48): American queer feminist artist Linda Stein in conversation with the director of Konstmuseet, Skövde Kulturhus, Sweden.

Kaucyila Brooke – Artist’s Talk

Video (1:47:30): Mexico February 2023, Kaucyila Brooke talks about a number of her art projects among others her research and art project about lesbian bars.

Drawing Diversity with Jennifer Camper (2014)

Video (56:47): Jennifer Camper, queer comic artist and editor of the new comic anthology Juicy Mother, brings contributing artists together to discuss comics as an expressive medium that is not representative enough in terms of diversity of perspectives.