The Bechdel Test

Video (5:16): This video by No Film School (2018) tells the story about queer cartonist Alison Bechdel’s test and how to apply it to popular films.

A.K. Burns: Of space we are…

A.K. Burns: Of space we are… Feb 11, 2023–Jul 09, 2023 at Wexner Center for the Arts,1871 North High Street Columbus, Ohio.

Tejal Shah (2021)

Video (5:27): In this edition of ZOOM IN, curator Eva Huttenlauch discusses the complex levels of Indian queer feminist artist Tejal Shah’s works and the extent to which they reflect social conditions in India. Language: German with subtitles in English and German.

TISSUE. a film by Nicola Tyson | Bertie Marshall

Video (18:40): TISSUE. a film by Nicola Tyson | Bertie Marshall, 1984 | 18:42 mins | Super 8. Silent. Nicola and Bertie are queer artists and have been friends and sometime collaborators for 40 years.

Witch’s Cradle (1943) by Maya Deren

Video (11:54): Witch’s Cradle (1943) by Maya Deren (1917-1961) is an experimental short film, written and directed by Maya Deren with Marcel Duchamp. This version of the short film has a soundtrack, though Maya Deren wanted her films to be silent.

Gloria’s Call | A Short Film Directed by Cheri Gaulke

Video (16:45): Gloria’s Call (2018) by Cheri Gaulke. In 1971, graduate student Gloria Orenstein receives a call from Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington that sparks a lifelong journey into art, ecofeminism and shamanism…

HOPE & FEAR by Chalotte Haslund-Christensen

Video (4:08): teaser about HOPE & FEAR, a three-panel video installation by Charlotte Haslund-Christensen. The video work is on display as a part of the exhibition ‘This World is White No Longer’ at Museum der Moderne in Salzburg 24th April – 10th October 2021.

The Waiting Room

As the lockdown continues… Mox Mäkelä writes, the virus is the boss now. Andjust’s screenings have shifted and therefore: Here have some PEACE & a catering (cup of tea) and “the special stage movie”: HAGIOSCOPE

Queer|Art|Film Club: Alone Together – Summer 2020

Viewers are invited to watch films on their own before joining guest presenters online for an interactive discussion. The curators are Adam Baran and Heather Lynn Johnson. The presenters are: Gavilán Rayna Russom, Baseera Khan, Deborah Bright and Nayland Blake


MICHELLE HANDELMAN is a filmmaker, visual artist and writer who makes confrontational works about sexuality, gender and desire. Her film BLOODSISTERS (1995) captures the gender nonconformity of the queer SMS scene and queer outlaws in a DIY fashion, just like the activism of the era.