Edmonia Lewis and Black Women’s Activism in Civil War Boston

Video (1:01:26): Edmonia Lewis sold a set of works festuring plaster medalions and busts to abolisionist patrons and as a result she was able to move to Italy and further her career. Caitlin Beach, Assistant Professor of Art History presents these and other rarely shown works by artist and activist Edmonia Lewis (1843-1911).

Sonja Sekula

Video (3:49): Jenny Anger, Grinnell College Museum of Art, Iowa, USA, talks about two works by Swiss-American artist Sonja Sekula.

Mariette Lydis

Mariette Lydis (1887–1970) (born Marietta Ronsperger) was an Austrian-Argentine painter and illustrator famous for her lesbian litographs.

Bolette Berg (1872–1944)

Photos by Bolette Berg (1872–1944) from the box labeled ‘private’ with glas negatives of the couple Marie Høeg (1866–1949) and Bolette Berg. The images are from ca. 1895-1903 all taken in their studio.

Alice Austen and the Gilded Age

Video (26:19): Tony Guida’s NY is a talk show illuminating the colorful corners of New York. His guest is Bonnie Yochelson, Art Historian and author of a coming book about the photographer and lesbian Alice Austen (1866 – 1952).

Maria ‘Toyen’ Cerminova

Video (15:18): Slideshow with works by bisexual, surrealist Czech artist, painter, drafter and illustrator Maria Čermínová. Watch the video on Youtube.

Claude Cahun Retrospective Exhibition in Denmark

Claude Cahun: Under huden, February 10 – July 23 2023 at The Brandts Museum, Odense, Denmark. The large retrospective exhibition features 70 photographs and photomontages by the lesbian artist, or made in collaboration with her partner, illustrator and designer Marcel Moore.