Into The Deep – Interview with Painter Michel Droge

Video (8:50): Artist talk with Michel Droge. Michel Droge is a painter whose work engages with the environment and ideas of multi-species, non-binary, and entangled life systems. They view environmental research and philosophy through a queer and eco-feminist lens.

Kallie Genzale – Artist’s Statement

Kallie Genzale is an American queer artist who makes paintings and works on paper. In this artist’s statement Kallie presents a series of recent acrylic paintings.

Nicole Eisenman. What Happened

Video (5:07): a short film with curator Monika Bayer-Wermuth about “Nicole Eisenman. What Happened”, a retrospective exhibition, at Museum Brandhorst, Munich, Germany. Language: German with subtitles in English.

Harmony Hammond: Crossings (2020)

Video (8:59): The queer feminist artist Harmony Hammond discusses work from her 2020 exhibition ‘Crossings’ at Alexander Gray Associates, New York.

The Exhibitionists | Vivienne Binns

Video (3:49): This video is an excerpt from the ABC documentary ‘The Exhibitionists’. Watch the detailed excerpt on Australian artist and queer woman Vivienne Binns (born 1940).

Into View: Bernice Bing at Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

‘Into View: Bernice Bing’ celebrates the Asian Art Museum’s acquisition of 20 paintings and works on paper that shine a light on the lesbian Asian American artist Bernice ‘Bingo’ Bing (1936-1998) who has only recently gained broad recognition for her achievements. The exhibition runs through June 26, 2023.

Kim Leutwyler: Queer Corporeality

‘Queer Corporeality’. The exhibition runs 1-17 December at Nanda/Hobbs Gallery, Chippendale, NSW 2008, Australia, and includes an artist talk, life drawing session and a nude tour(!)

Interview with Kathy Atkins (2016)

Video (12:14): Canadian visual artist Kathy Atkins provides stories of what the QAF in Vancouver is capable of, and how space is needed for this capability.

Etel Adnan – Colour as Language (2021)

Video (7:27): Artist Etel Adnan (1925-2021) is famous for her abstract landscape paintings and her distinct use of colour. In one of her last interviews, she talks about her art, beauty, Vincent van Gogh and about colour in relation to nature.

Florine Stettheimer’s Family Portrait, II

Video (3:43): Kristen Di Lonardo, department manager in Visitor Engagement, looks behind the curtain at Florine Stettheimer’s ‘Family Portrait, II’ and marvels at its intricate detail and sense of theatricality. Video by MOMA, New York (2021).


EYES OF ROXANA HALLS – Wednesday 11th – 25th May, 2022. A Duovision 10th Year Anniversary Exhibition. Curated by Duovision – Martin Green & James Lawler. Gallery 46 – 46 Ashfield St – E1 2AJ UK