Julie Mehretu | Ensemble

Presented at Palazzo Grassi from 17 March 2024 to 6 January 2025, “Ensemble” is the largest exhibition of Julie Mehretu’s work to date in Europe.
Video (1:18:46): Art Conversation Ensemble held at Palazzo Grassi, Venice, Italy on the occation of the exhibition.

Painter Barbary O’Brien

Barbary O’Brien: I am a Queer Feminist Artist, Cartoonist, Mural painter, Designer and Environmentalist living, surfing, and working at Ratalang/Middleton, on the South Coast of South Australia.

Art21, Season 5: Julie Mehretu (2009)

Video (13:52): excerpt from Art21 – Julie Mehretu, and her assistants established a studio in Berlin where they produced a remarkable suite of paintings that deal with erasure, decay, and liminality.

Aileen McKay – Artist’s Statement

Aileen McKay: My ‘Scota’ acrylic on canvas series gives form to the blue-on-blue horizons that Scota, Scotland’s migrant foremother might have seen as she led her matriarchal followers across the seas from Egypt…

Etel Adnan on Art and Urgency

Video (4:53): Etel Adnan (1925-2021) catalogs the scarce paintings she encountered as a child, shares her memories of a formative trip to the Louvre…

Clarity Haynes and Ksenia Soboleva

Video: (1:08:35): Brooklyn Rail contributor Ksenia M. Soboleva in conversation with artist Clarity Haynes about her exhibition ‘Clarity Haynes: Portals’ at New Discretions through April 13, 2024. The show coincides with the release of Haynes’ first monograph, Clarity Haynes: Portals, featuring text by Leah DeVun, Harry Dodge, Clarity Haynes, and Jeanne Vaccaro.

Henriette Hellstern – Artist’s Statement

Henriette Hellstern: Regrettably, instead of embracing our differences as opportunities for growth and understanding, our collective consciousness often succumbs to the temptation of hurling mud at one another. …

Whitechapel Gallery – Nicole Eisenman: What Happened

‘Nicole Eisenman: What Happened’, 11 Oct 2023 – 14 Jan 2024 at Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK. See a silent video that takes us on walkthrough the eight sections of the retrospective exhibition about queer artist Nicole Eisenman’s paintings and sculptures.