New York – Intersections of Erotic Performance Art and Pornography

Where does conceptual performance work end and where does our libido begin? Is queer feminist pornography inherently progressive? How do queer performance artists who are also in radical pornography decipher the difference between what is art and what is porn? Join the queer feminist panel debate in Brooklyn, New York on May 4, 2012.

Youtube And Nudity

Youtube and nudity doesn’t go well together. I have corresponded with some out and proud artists, who unfortunately can’t share their explicit artworks at Youtube, because it is a family entertainment site.


Femina Potens is excited to presents OPEN EYES film screening at Femina Potens Gallery with some of the hottest, most evocotive and forward thinking movies the Bay Area has to offer.

On March 26 at 8pm Femina Potens invites you to a sneak preview screening of the QueerXShow: Too Much Pussy, Feminist Sluts.
“TOO MUCH PUSSY ! Feminist Sluts in The QueerXShow’ is sex-positive road-movie by Emilie Jouvet.

Roof – A Threesome by Emilie Jouvet

‘Roof’ (8 min.) is an art video by Queer French Filmmaker Emilie Jouvet, and she tells that the film is a “Threesome on school roof : Kat, me, and you, bandes de petits pervers!”