Painting by Illma Gore

Video (4:24): Maddox Gallery talks with Natalie about Australian-American Illma Gore’s famous painting of Trump (naked). The video was published in 2017.

Illma Gore: ‘Volume One’ – Teaser

Video (2:03) : ‘Illma Gore: Volume One’ is a teaser about a documentary film that follows the life and times of controversial Los Angeles based artist Illma Gore.

Mission to tattoo my whole body!

Illma Gore’s plans to cover her entire body with tattoos for an art project. See her KickStarter page. ‘For $10, Gore says she will tattoo the donors name on her leg. Twenty-five dollars buys you and a friend’s names next to each other on Gore’s leg. Anyone wanting more than…

Illma Gore an Australian Street Artist

‘So many stories. So many films.’ Spotlight: Illma Gore – Artist from SeemaD Pictures on Vimeo. Description Of The Video: “This is the first short doco film in a new series by Seema Dudley known as So many stories. So many films. Spotlight is on Illma Gore, an artist from…