Artist Vivienne Binns – “Waiting for Those Little Moments of Inspiration” | Tate

Video (7:36): Hear the artist talking from her Canberra studio about how she became committed to surfacing ordinary women’s stories through memory and family connections from the late 1960s to mid-1980s when she worked deep within communities, and how she returned to painting in 1985 with a renewed passion for articulating her own experiences and emotions. Video by Tate (UK)

The Exhibitionists | Vivienne Binns

Video (3:49): This video is an excerpt from the ABC documentary ‘The Exhibitionists’. Watch the detailed excerpt on Australian artist and queer woman Vivienne Binns (born 1940).

Vivienne Binns and Australian Feminist Art

Speakers in the COFA video (2013) include: Vivienne Binns, artist, senior lecturer, Canberra School of Art, Bec Dean, Co-Director, Performance Space and Andrew Frost, founder, The Art Life. Artist Talk By Vivienne Binns Watch the first 22 minutes of the above video! This COFA talk features Vivienne Binns artist, senior…