Laura Aguilar: Show and Tell

Laura Aguilar: Show and Tell is on display at The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum-Florida International University (10975 S.W. 17th Street, Miami) through June 3, 2018.

Laura Aguilar: Show and Tell

is the first comprehensive retrospective by the artist. The exhibition was previously shown at the Vincent Price Art Museum and is curated by Sybil Venegas, an independent art historian and Curator and Professor Emerita of Chicana/o Studies at East Los Angeles College (ELAC). Vincent Price Art Museum writes, ‘This exhibition tells the story of the artist who for most of her life struggled to communicate with words yet ironically emerged as a powerful voice for numerous and diverse marginalized groups.’


Laura Aguilar: Show and Tell is accompanied by a fully-illustrated, 195-page catalog
co-produced by the Vincent Price Art Museum and the UCLA Chicano Studies Research
Center in association with the University of Washington Press. Edited by Rebecca
Epstein and designed by Bill Morosi, the catalog traces the development of Aguilar’s
work over three decades, exploring her photography in terms of its social and art
historical contexts. Authors include Deborah Cullen, James Estrella, Amelia Jones,
Stefanie Snider, Sybil Venegas, Mei Valenzuela, and Christopher Anthony Velasco,
with forewords by Pilar Tompkins Rivas and Chon Noriega.

Queer Artist Laura Anguilar

Laura Aguilar is an American photographer. She is known for her self portraits and in the early phases of her career she documented lesbians of her Chicanx and Latinx communities in East Los Angeles in the 1980s, exploring what it’s like to be a Latina and a Lesbian. She studied photography at East Los Angeles College and for more than thirty years she has shown her work extensively, including a showing in La Biennale di Venezia.

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