Lesbian Art Books

Feminine Moments’ Bibliography on Lesbian and Queer Art books is a list of art books, monographs and exhibition catalogues by lesbian, bisexual or queer artists. The bibliography has 450+ titles of monographs and exhibition catalogues by 136 artists.

The bibliography is multi-lingual. It is a growing research project. It will be updated once or twice a year. Use the index below to look up an artist by her surname.

A-B, C-D, E-F, G-H, I-J, K-L, M-N, O-P, Q-R, S-T, U-V, W-X, Y-Z(+æøå)

NB! The fact that an artist is mentioned in this website it is of course no guaranty that she will be lesbian, bisexual or queer tomorrow, nor that the authors of the art books are “out and proud” in their writings…