Film & Video

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European Artists

Aurora Reinhard, video artist and photographer, Finland/Sweden: Art link
Emilie Jouvet, filmmaker and photographer, France: Art link Art link
Heidi Lunabba, installations, photography and video artist, Finland: Art link
Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller, video artist and painter, Denmark: Art link Art link
Monika Treut filmmaker, Germany: Art link
Mox, avant garde filmmaker, Finland: Art link Art link
Paula Crickard filmmaker, Ireland:Art link
Pratibha Parmar, filmmaker, UK: Art link Art link
Sarah Pucill, video artist, UK: Art link
Sif Itona Westerberg, video artist & sculptor, Denmark:
Ulrike Ottinger, filmmaker, Germany: Art link

Non-european Artists

Allyson Mitchel, filmmaker, installation artist, performer & teacher, Canada: Art link
A.L. Steiner, photographer and video artist, USA: Art link Art link
A.K. Burns, multimedia and video artist, USA: Art link
April Maxey photographer and video artist, USA: Art link Art link
Barbara Hammer, filmmaker, USA: Art link
Dayna MacLeod, writer, video and performance artist, Canada: Art link
Deirdre Logue, video artist, Canada: Art link
Cheryl Dunye, filmmaker, screenplaywriter and director, USA: Art link
Emmeline Kim, writer & director, USA: Art link
GB Jones, artist, filmmaker, Canada: Art link Art link
Hannah Beadman, film & video artist, UK/USA: Art link
JEB, Joan E Biren, filmmaker and photographer, USA: Art link
Jen Crothers, filmmaker Tasmania/Canada: Art link
Ji, filmmaker, USA:
Jillian Peña, video and performance artist, England: Art link
Katrina Del Mar, film, photo, and videomaker, USA: Art link
Kaucyila Brooke, video maker, photographer & conceptual artist, USA: Art link
Lorri Millian, performance and video artist, Canada: Art link
Maria Beatty, filmmaker, Venezuela / USA: Art link
Mary Patten, videomaker & visual artist, USA: Art link
Maureen Bradley, filmmaker, Canada: Art link
Michelle Handelman, filmmaker, performance artist and photographer, USA: Art link Art link
Sadie Benning, filmmaker, USA: Art link Art link
SAMANIA (artist duo), performance, photography, film & theory, USA: Art link
Sharon Hayes, multimedia artist, USA: Art link
Shawna Dempsey, performance and video artist, Canada: Art link
Su Friedrich, filmmaker, USA: Art link
Tejal Shah, photography, video and installations, India: Art link

NB! The fact that an artist is mentioned in this website it is of course no guaranty that she will also be lesbian, bisexual or queer tomorrow.