Coventry, UK: 12 QUEER Artists – 2nd Show!

1st Annual QUEER’ists Art Exhibition – follow up exhibition in Coventry August 14 – 20, 2011 at:

Queer'ists poster by Marta Kochanek 2011The Glass Box Gallery
Earl Street
United Kingdom

QUEER’ists Project is a Photography Project that was launched in March 2011 by Marta Kochanek as an online Gallery created to promote queer artists.

Queerists become a unique and fast growing center where both art and thoughts are exchanged internationally. You can also find the Queerists at Facebook. Their FB page is titled ‘Queerists’

Artists Included:

Maggie Hands – Violetta Jara – Anna Szlandakowska – T.R.Robertson – Ben Webb – Roseanna Velin – Marta Kochanek – Dora Bauer – Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes – Jak Flash – Julia Frost – John Yeadon

Special Guest at the opening of the show August 14 – QUEER’ists DJ: Ruth Pearce

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1st Annual QUEER’ists Art Exhibition – Birmingham 2011

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Queer'ists poster by Marta Kochanek 2011

Queer’ists poster by Marta Kochanek 2011

From the Founder:
“Fear and consciousness of homophobia motivated me to create platform open to emerging as well as established LGBT artists to share life experiences as well as art. Art in this case was to create a solid bridge between artists around the world and myself”.

10 QUEER Artists – 2 Shows!
1st Annual QUEER’ists Art Exhibition – Birmingham 2011

UK – US – Poland

You are invited to be part of an awesome show that will take place in Birmingham/UK. It is going to be a huge step forward in the field of Queer Art so come over and be part of it!

The Queerists Project was exhibited in London and Coventry already. Now – QUEER artists were encouraged to exhibit their original works along with The QUEER’ists Project. Please join us and proudly celebrate with us!!!

20 Regent Parade
B1 3NS, UK

12th July – 6th August 2011
Private View: 12th July 2011 @ 6pm

Artists Included:
Marta Kochanek, Violetta Jara, Anna Szlandakowska, T.R.Robertson, Ben Webb, Dora Bauer, Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes, Jak Flash, Julia Frost and John Yeadon.

Special Guest – QUEER’ists DJ: Ruth Pearce

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