Coventry, UK: 12 QUEER Artists – 2nd Show!

1st Annual QUEER’ists Art Exhibition – follow up exhibition in Coventry August 14 – 20, 2011 at:

Queer'ists poster by Marta Kochanek 2011The Glass Box Gallery
Earl Street
United Kingdom

QUEER’ists Project is a Photography Project that was launched in March 2011 by Marta Kochanek as an online Gallery created to promote queer artists.

Queerists become a unique and fast growing center where both art and thoughts are exchanged internationally. You can also find the Queerists at Facebook. Their FB page is titled ‘Queerists’

Artists Included:

Maggie Hands – Violetta Jara – Anna Szlandakowska – T.R.Robertson – Ben Webb – Roseanna Velin – Marta Kochanek – Dora Bauer – Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes – Jak Flash – Julia Frost – John Yeadon

Special Guest at the opening of the show August 14 – QUEER’ists DJ: Ruth Pearce

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