TRIGGER: Drawing the Line in 2015

Excerpt from QAF’s website.

TRIGGER: Drawing the Line in 2015, July 23 – August 7, curated by SD Holman, is the main exhibition of the Queer Arts Festival 2015 in Vancouver. Venue: Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews (Corner of Davie & Pacific), Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2W3, Canada.

QAF’s curated exhibition honours the 25th anniversary of Kiss & Tell’s legendary exhibition, Drawing the Line. 19 participating artists challenge, provoke and push boundaries. What sets you off?

Kiss & Tell: (Lizard Jones, Persimmon Blackbridge, Susan Stewart), Afuwa, Aiyyana Maracle, Amy Dame, Bryan Bone, Claude Perreault, Coral Short, Dana Ayotte, Emilio Rojas, James Diamond, Jonny Sopotiuk, Jono Nobles, Kathy Atkins, Persimmon Blackbridge, Rosamond Norbury, Storme Webber, Suzo Hickey and Toni Latour.

In the article on “Gay and Lesbian Art” in the Oxford Art Online, one exhibition is singled out as best embodying the spirit of queer arts: the 1990 project Drawing the Line by the Vancouver collective Kiss & Tell. In this project, Susan Stewart photographed her colleagues Persimmon Blackbridge and Lizard Jones, and women viewers were given markers to draw lines on the walls at the point at which the increasingly explicit imagery became unacceptable to them. Audiences, however, responded in a decidedly non-linear way, and impassioned debates flowered on the walls around the images. Drawing the Line toured internationally and had an enormous influence – it is not uncommon for lesbians of a certain age to say this exhibition “changed my life.”

Twenty-five years later, QAF honours this epochal piece of Canadian queer heritage with a retrospective show of the original images, together with a curated exhibition in which artists are asked for contemporary responses to this pivotal exhibition.

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Vancouver: Random Acts of Queerness

Lion, Raven and Walnut Tree by artist Kimberley French

Lion, Raven and Walnut Tree by Kimberley French

Random Acts of Queerness – Curated Visual Art Exhibition

July 31 – August 18
Roundhouse Great Hall
Vancouver, Canada

Gallery Hours
11 am – 10 pm Monday to Friday
11 am – 4:30pm Saturday and Sunday

The 2012 Queer Arts Festival brings you “Random Acts Of Queerness”, to commemorate the centenary of the experimental multidisciplinary queer artist John Cage (1912-1992). A pioneer of Experimental Music, Cage is best known for championing Indeterminacy: a philosophy that opens up artistic practice to include the random as a way of radically breaking with tradition, convention and habit. (…)

For this year’s theme, some artists have chosen to explore literal “random acts of queerness”: those odd, spontaneous moments when our queerness bursts forth upon the world. Others decided to include random or indeterminate elements in their work, whether it be Indeterminacy of Process, Indeterminacy of Form or Indeterminacy of Identity; perhaps risking the effects of random juxtaposition. Cage used strategies such as the I Ching, playing random radio stations and putting odd objects inside of pianos before performing as methods of creating indeterminate music. What kinds of systems, symbols or strategies will be harnessed?

Curated by guest curator multidisciplinary artist Persimmon Blackbridge; Pride in Art Society past president, painter Jeff Gibson; and QAF Artistic Director, photo-based artist SD Holman.

Curated Visual Art Exhibit Artists:

Patricia Atchison, Katherine Atkins, Dana Ayotte, E.D. Blackwell, Therese Buchmiller, Angelina Cantada, Amy Dame, Adrian Fehr, Kimberley French, Garth Amundson & Pierre Gour, Afuwa & Aerlyn Weissman, Charlotte Hewson, Suzo Hickey, jono, Emma Kivisild. Dzee Louise, Mico Mancuso, Mark McGregor, Stephen Middleton, Rosamond Norbury, Kate Price, David Sandford, Wendy Sexsmith, Noel Silver, Shelley Stefan, Suzy Stroet, Lai Wan and Paul Wong.

Vancouver: Art Party Opening Night July 26

Queer Arts Festival 2011 - Games People PlayTo celebrate the North America Outgames in Vancouver this summer, the Queer Arts Festival has chosen Games People Play as theme for their 2011 curated queer arts show in Vancouver, Canada.

Games People Play

July 26 – August 13 2011

Art Party Opening Night

July 26, 7pm
Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Gallery Hours
11 am-10 pm weekdays
11 am-4:30 weekends

“Queer cultures often emphasize elements of game-play: from camp to butch/femme to strictures of “straight looking/straight acting”, we play around with identity and its shadows of artifice, passing and trespassing. The curators are encouraging artists to …queer the idea of games and play: board games, bored games, war games, mind games, drinking games, parlor games, gender games, games theory, game shows, word play, gun play, foreplay, BDSM play, playing the fool, playing by ear, playing along, playing around, playing for the team, playback, playmates, team sports, blood sport, water sports… With this exuberance of possibilities we will build a show of divergent investigations; a game for viewers to trace commonalities and conflicts along the through-line of gaming.”

The Artists

This group show features works by:  – Abegael Jackson, Afuwa Granger, Amy Dane, Angelina Cantada, Charlotte Hewson, Dana Ayotte, Dzee Louise, Emma Kivisild (Lizard Jones), Jen Crothers, Katherine Atkins, Kimberley French, Kona Katranya, Patricia Atchison, – Adrian Fehr, Garth Amundson & Pierre Gour, Mark McGregor, Naufus Ramirez-Figuroa, Noel Silver and Oscar Sánchez.

The show is curated by Persimmon Blackbridge, SD Holman and Jeff Gibson.

About Persimmone Blackbridge

For the past 35 years, Persimmon Blackbridge has worked as a sculptor, writer, curator and performer, as well as being a fiction editor. She is known internationally as a pioneer in feminist, queer and disability arts and culture. She is the author or co-author of six books. Blackbridge’s art has been shown across Canada and the U.S., as well as in Australia, Europe, and Hong Kong. She currently lives on Hornby Island in British Columbia.

About SD Holman

Raised in Los Angeles, SD Holman moved to Vancouver in 1986, becoming a professional photo-based artist, photographer and actor. A graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Holman joined the public art and activism group, the Vancouver Association for Non-Commercial Culture.
Her renowed photo-based work GID, Gender Identity Disorder or… Girls in Drag, 1998 and Stealing Masculinity, 2009 are some of her many art projects.

Canada: Queertopia – The Best Place On Earth

The Pride in Art Society presents the 2010 Queer Arts Festival QUEERTOPIA which runs July 27 until August 14, 2010 at The Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre in downtown Vancouver, Canada.

I have found a few articles for you about the ‘Queertopia – the Best Place on Earth’ group exhibition in Vancouver, Canada:
‘Queer Arts Festival’s Queertopia is open to wide interpretation’, by Janet Smith
‘Queer Arts Festival: what does your queertopia look like?’ by

The exhibition features  works by more than 20 local and national artists. Some of the female artists selected for this censored group show are: Karina Kalvaitis, Suzy Stroet, Dana Ayotte and Kathy Atkins.