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Laurie Lipton’s exhibition Extraordinary Drawings in Liverpool, UK which was due to close end of November 2009 will be open until Januar 2010 . If you are nowhere near Liverpool these days, you can get a glimse of Laurie’s drawings in this video interview, which has made with her.

Interview with Laurie Lipton  about Extraordinary Drawings on

Laurie Lipton says: ‘Everyone wants to put me in to the surrealist category, but basically I compare my works to the religious paintings of the 16th and 17th century, because they use their own iconography to tell a story.’  And she uses her iconography to tell us story about her own life.

The Extraordinary Drawings by Laurie Lipton will be open until January 2010 at Contemporary Urban Centre, Greenland, L1, Liverpool, UK.

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Homotopia presentes: Laurie Lipton’s drawings

Homotopia 09 presents Laurie Lipton's drawings

Laurie Lipton was born in New York. She has been living in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France and has been based in London since 1986. The queer festival Homotopia 2009 in Liverpool, UK, presents new drawings by Laurie Lipton. The show is open from November 4 – November 29, 2009.

Private view Tuesday November 3 at 6 pm, 3rd Floor Gallery, Contemporary Urban Centre, Greenland, L1, Liverpool, UK. Email for invites.

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Laurie Lipton

"fellow travellers" – A Queer Travelling Exhibition

“fellow travellers” is group show of work by fifteen LGBT artists curated by James Lawler (UK). At the moment it features works of art by lesbian artists: Sadie Lee (UK), Asa Johannesson (Sweden), Claire Madden (UK), Laurie Lipton (UK), Sarah Plescia and Mandy McCartin (UK).

“fellow travellers” brought in over 20,000 visitors during its run at Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK, spring 2007. The exhibition has attracted interest from museums and galleries in Iceland, Germany, Slovenia and Denmark, and has already been shown in Reykjavik as a part of the celebrations for Icelands Gay Pride now in its 10th year, and 30 years of Icelandic gay rights ‘Samtokin78′, 2008.

The exhibition is a continuously evolving art project, which will include work by selected queer artists from each of its host cities arriving back in UK as a completely new exhibition.

The introduction of the catalogue reads:

“Fellow Travellers is a group exhibition bringing together the work of 15 artists who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered). However, the concept behind this exhibition is to concentrate on the quality and diversity of the work displayed, rather than the sexuality of the artists involved. Although many of the artists have held numerous solo exhibitions or participated in other group shows, the very nature of being a practicing artist often means the creative process takes place in isolation. Despite this, many recurrent themes run through the work on display here. The artists have created their own narrative worlds: glamorous, fantastic, escapist – their own urban utopias.”


See a video by with curator James Lawler talking about the concept of the “fellow travellers” exhibition, and the Tom of Finland exhibition in Liverpool, automn 2008.