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Laurie Lipton’s exhibition Extraordinary Drawings in Liverpool, UK which was due to close end of November 2009 will be open until Januar 2010 . If you are nowhere near Liverpool these days, you can get a glimse of Laurie’s drawings in this video interview, which has made with her.

[Sorry, the interview with Laurie Lipton about Extraordinary Drawings on is no longer available.]

Laurie Lipton says: ‘Everyone wants to put me in to the surrealist category, but basically I compare my works to the religious paintings of the 16th and 17th century, because they use their own iconography to tell a story.’  And she uses her iconography to tell us story about her own life.

The Extraordinary Drawings by Laurie Lipton will be open until January 2010 at Contemporary Urban Centre, Greenland, L1, Liverpool, UK.


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