Time Sensitive

Edited by: Allyson Mitchell, Deirdre Logue, Alexis Mitchell and Chase Joynt

Call for Submissions

Inspired by the Toronto-revival of the woman-made film and video collection ‘Cinenova’ in February 2012, TIME SENSITIVE is the landmark publication of the Feminist Art Gallery (FAG, based in Toronto, Canada). The re-emergence of historical feminist film and video into contemporary cultural environments has afforded new and radical opportunities for investigation and inquiry. As such, TIME SENSITIVE seeks to (re)animate texts, issues, politics and debates in the context of our contemporary moment. We question what it means to revive historical queer and feminist work into the present. What can theorizing and exploring a feminist archive reveal / illuminate / contextualize / position?

FAG is seeking submissions from artists, writers, activists and critical thinkers on topics related to the notion of a feminist archive. Submissions can be creative texts, (wo)manifestos, political texts and/or academic essays.

Potential themes and topics to consider:
• Community action and organizing
• Representations of trans subjectivities
• Censorship
• Aesthetics
• Theories of documentary
• Politics of representation
• The role of nostalgia and affect
• Writings on particular feminist film/video work
• The politics/role/deterioration of the archive
• Re-thinking historical texts in the context of globalization and homonationalism
• Transnational activism
• The archive and accessibility

TIME SENSITIVE will be curated and edited by Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue of the Feminist Art Gallery in collaboration with Toronto-based media artists and scholars Alexis Mitchell and Chase Joynt.

Please submit a 300-400 word abstract and/or submission pitch to
joyntmitchell@gmail.com by June 1, 2012.
Editors are happy to consult with applicants on potential project ideas prior to the deadline.