SD Holman Pas-à-pas; not intent on arriving

PAS-À-PAS; NOT INTENT ON ARRIVING. A new photo-based exhibition by SD Holman at the SUM Gallery, Vancouver, Canada The exhibition runs through Jun 2, 2023. The works are from Holman’s walk across Canada following the death of their wife, Catherine White Holman.

Australia – Catherine Opie: Binding Ties

‘Catherine Opie: Binding Ties’ brings together more than fifty key works traversing the queer artist’s historic and recent practice. The exhibition runs through July 9, 2023 at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Australia.

Visiting Artist Lecture: LJ Roberts

Video (55:19): LJ Roberts, the spring 2023 Arthur and Sheila Prensky Island Press Visiting Artist, is an artist and writer working in Brooklyn, New York and Pioneertown, California. LG Roberts is unapologetically queer.

Alice Austen and the Gilded Age

Video (26:19): Tony Guida’s NY is a talk show illuminating the colorful corners of New York. His guest is Bonnie Yochelson, Art Historian and author of a coming book about the photographer and lesbian Alice Austen (1866 – 1952).

Queer Illustrator Emma Nilisse

Emma Nilisse is an illustrator from Gothenburg, Sweden who makes colorful drawings, mostly of animals. In this video, she talks about her art, why she’s drawn to the style she does and why queer illustrators are important. Language: English and Swedish with subtitles.

Homografiska Museet

Video (10:04): Funny Livdotter founded the Homografiska Museet (Homographic Museum), a queer museum is located in Fengersfors, Dalsland, Sweden. In the video, Funny talks about what the museum is and why it’s needed.

Building Your Digital Toolbox for LGBTQ2S+ Artists

Video (1:25:42): Heidi Nagtegaal and Jenny Lee Craig (Canada) discuss their top online tools that can help your artistic business flourish. This workshop will cover setting up successful social media channels, strategies for audience engagement and managing your digital to-do list.

Harmony Hammond: Crossings (2020)

Video (8:59): The queer feminist artist Harmony Hammond discusses work from her 2020 exhibition ‘Crossings’ at Alexander Gray Associates, New York.

Tejal Shah (2021)

Video (5:27): In this edition of ZOOM IN, curator Eva Huttenlauch discusses the complex levels of Indian queer feminist artist Tejal Shah’s works and the extent to which they reflect social conditions in India. Language: German with subtitles in English and German.

TISSUE. a film by Nicola Tyson | Bertie Marshall

Video (18:40): TISSUE. a film by Nicola Tyson | Bertie Marshall, 1984 | 18:42 mins | Super 8. Silent. Nicola and Bertie are queer artists and have been friends and sometime collaborators for 40 years.