Esther Pressoir: A Modern Woman’s Painter

Esther Pressoir: A Modern Woman’s Painter by Suzanne M. Scanlan is the first book to present and contextualize the vast oeuvre, including paintings, drawings, prints and ceramics of American artist and lesbian Esther Pressoir (1902-1986).

Book Talk: Kelli Connell, “Pictures for Charis”

Video (59:03): Aperture PhotoBook Club presents a conversation with Kelli Connell about her new book “Pictures for Charis” (2024). “Pictures for Charis” will also be traveling as an exhibition this fall starting in Atlanta.

Mother, Wonder by Roni Horn

Art Book – ‘Mother, Wonder’ by Roni Horn, (Steidl; 1st edition, 25 May 2023). The art book features a series of photographs from one of the artist’s favourite places in Iceland.

Art Book – Bonsoir: Ithell Colquhoun

The author writes: This beautiful and exciting book brings Ithell Colquhoun’s previously unseen story to life, with texts from leading experts on Colquhoun to contextualise the work: Colquhoun’s fictive Surrealist film.

The Children of Our Town

The Children of Our Town. A childrens’ book by artists Ethel Mars and Maud Hunt Squire. Verses by Carolyn Wells.
New York, ca. 1902.


Video (1:06:37): E. G. Crichton in conversation with Alexandra Teixeira Riggs for a discussion of the book, Matchmaking in the Archive: 19 Conversations with the Dead and 3 Encounters with Ghosts by E. G. Crichton.

Art As Activism and Sea(see) by Jeanette Spicer

Video (56:48): This pride panel debate by Los Angeles Center of Photography is showcasing the impactful photographs by the queer artists Jeanette Spicer and Michael Young. Jeanette Spicer starts with a presentation of the erotic photographs from her book Sea(see).