Mother, Wonder by Roni Horn

Art Book – ‘Mother, Wonder’ by Roni Horn, (Steidl; 1st edition, 25 May 2023). The art book features a series of photographs from one of the artist’s favourite places in Iceland.

Art Book – Bonsoir: Ithell Colquhoun

The author writes: This beautiful and exciting book brings Ithell Colquhoun’s previously unseen story to life, with texts from leading experts on Colquhoun to contextualise the work: Colquhoun’s fictive Surrealist film.

The Children of Our Town

The Children of Our Town. A childrens’ book by artists Ethel Mars and Maud Hunt Squire. Verses by Carolyn Wells.
New York, ca. 1902.


Video (1:06:37): E. G. Crichton in conversation with Alexandra Teixeira Riggs for a discussion of the book, Matchmaking in the Archive: 19 Conversations with the Dead and 3 Encounters with Ghosts by E. G. Crichton.

Art As Activism and Sea(see) by Jeanette Spicer

Video (56:48): This pride panel debate by Los Angeles Center of Photography is showcasing the impactful photographs by the queer artists Jeanette Spicer and Michael Young. Jeanette Spicer starts with a presentation of the erotic photographs from her book Sea(see).

Dawn Woolley: Consuming the Body: Capitalism, Social Media and Commodification

Video (44:22): Dawn Woolley’s artist talk is about her recently published book, Consuming the Body: Capitalism, Social Media and Commodification (2022). She also introduces the viewers to a number of her art projects including her series of annimated ‘Infomercials: 12 days of Christmas and 12 days of January’.