Book: Lingering at your window by Mary T Faria

Artist’s Statement and images by Mary T Faria

Lingering at your window

Lingering at your window
by Mary T Faria
datz press, 2023
First Edition, 100 copies
21 × 26.5 cm, 78 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-89-97605-59-0

‘This book [by Mary T Faria] is a sensitive photo essay that embarks on a journey to discover one’s essence through photography. The artist’s childhood home and garden, fragments of the remaining life, blueprints of her own body, and inner soliloquies intersect. Moments of disappearance, subtle emotions, and fragments of thoughts become memories of light entering through the window and are captured on paper. This book is composed of the artist’s unique imagery and words, telling a story of the inevitable loss of death that every human faces, yet continues to live on the boundary of life.’ – Datz Press

Artist’s Statement by Mary T Faria

Mary T Faria: The shadows of my childhood in the temperate rain forest and industrial landscape that was Western Pennsylvania inspired me to dwell, to wonder, and to long for terra incognita. I’ve always been drawn to work with photography, a medium characterized by its capacity to portray the literal and physical, in ways that point to what may lie beyond our perceptions of material reality. Whether my subject is the human figure in studio-constructed narratives of change or my life-long fascination with plants as angelic companions capable of turning light into nourishment, I have always been driven by the desire to portray experiences of transformational or liminal states. My creative involvement with liminality, with “in-between-ness,” has contributed to my personal understanding of this as formative to being a Queer person as well as to any experience of being other in a dominant culture. Using a range of processes, from cyanotype to black & white film to digital media and often working at dawn, I strive to create images that evoke an acute experience of the soul while being embodied here and now on the edge of constant transition.

© Mary T Faria


Mary T Faria lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area where participation in the LGBTQ+ community has developed and supported her life as an artist and a Lesbian for over three decades. Her photo-based work communicates a relationship between liminal states and transformation, dwelling at the border between known and unknown, visible and invisible, physical and spiritual. She received a BA in Art/Photography and an MA in Museum Studies from San Francisco State University. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions in the US and Europe and her monograph, Lingering at your window, was recently released by Datz Press, Seoul and launched at Paris Photo, November 2023. Her book is reviewed on Fisheye, Mary T Faria, Lingering at your window: being body and soul,” December 2023.

© Mary T Faria