Architect Julia Morgan: Insights Into Her Genius and Legacy

Video (1:10:00): ‘Architect Julia Morgan: Insights Into Her Genius and Legacy’, a lecture by historian Karen McNeil who takes you on a journey of Morgan’s life and work. (2013) Pioneering California architect Julia Morgan (1872-1957) designed more than 700 buildings, including many commissioned by women’s groups and women clients. She…

Eileen Gray (1878-1976)

Kathleen Eileen Moray Gray (August 9, 1878 – October 31, 1976) was an Irish furniture designer and architect and a pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture.

Hall of Fame: Eileen Gray

Irish designer and bisexual Eileen Gray (1878-1976) has designed furniture, rugs and lacquered screens, which now sells for millions of Euros. She was post modern before the word was invented.

Lene Leth: Queer Mobile Computing

Lene Leth Rasmussen is a Danish designer based in Copenhagen. She is interested queer interaction design and mobile computing. Lene feels that queer subcultures need physical meeting places, however a place can’t be queerified in one go as the queer stories of a place must be heard and retold again and again before they become a…