Interview with Gaye Chan (2019)

Video (13:39): queer conceptual artist Gaye Chan being interviewed about her life, how you adorn your body and art project ‘Eating in Public’. Video by Natalie Badgley, 2019.

Queer Forms

Queer Forms, September 10 – December 7, 2019 at Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, USA features works by more than 100 queer artists.

Flagrante Delicto by Gaye Chan

Flagrante Delicto by Gaye Chan, 2002 – 2006 Gaye Chan is a conceptual artist. She was born in Hong Kong and is based in Hawaii, where she is currently a professor and the Chair of the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Hawaii. Learn more about…

Lesbian Art Herstory: The Lesbian Art Project and GALAS

I have been looking back at lesbian art projects and exhibitions in the late 1970s, when lesbian artists began to fight for their seat in history and took the first steps on the way to raising public awareness of lesbian art as something more than a hidden subcultural phenomenon.

Pink And Bent: Art Of Queer Women

I invite you to see a slideshow documenting the exhibition ‘Pink and Bent: Art of Queer Women’ first mounted at the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation gallery in New York City between May 21 and June 28, 2008 on’s website.