Louise Abbema

Book: Louise Abbema by Louise Abbema (1858-1927), illustrated with drawings by Louise Abbema. Published 1879 in Paris, France.

French Artist Louise Abbéma (1853 – 1927)

Sarah Bernhardt in 1875, painted by her lover painter Louise Abbéma. Louise Abbéma, self-portrait in 1876, 35 x 26 cm. Louise Abbéma (1853 – 1927) was a lesbian and a French painter, sculptor and designer. Related Link Louise Abbéma (1853-1927) – a slideshow with samples of her works.

Louise Abbéma (1853-1927)

Slideshow with paintings by Louise Abbéma (1853-1927). Related Links the bio of Louise Abbéma at www.glbgq.com. Art Herstory: Louise Abbéma (1853 – 1927)

Art Herstory: Louise Abbéma (1853 – 1927)

Louise in her studio in 1895. Photo curtesy of Wikipedia Commons. French Impressionist Louise Abbéma (1853 – 1927) Louise Abbéma began painting as a teenager and studied art in Paris. She first received recognition for her work at age 23 when she painted a portrait of lesbian actress Sarah Bernhardt,…