A Sex Journal: The Words And Pictures You’ll Remember Forever

Erotic Journaling Workshop w/Susie Bright at
Femina Potens Gallery, San Francisco, USA
April 7th 2011, 7 – 8pm ($15)

Susie Bright

Susie Bright

Erotic Journaling Workshop with sexpert and writer, Susie Bright
A sex journal is like any diary — it simply doesn’t hide, or lie, about the sexual part of life. It’s a place to preserve your private adventures, to remind yourself of close calls, and think about your history, as well contemplate  things you’ve never put to words before. Susie will get you writing, on the spot, to bring candor and articulation to your sexual life story, as well as your sexual philosophy. She’ll give you the prompts and chops to say what needs to be said — the words and pictures you'll remember forever.

Workshops and FP events are FREE FOR MEMEBERS. Later the same evening you can join Sizzle, Lit & Performance Series: Kinky Mamas

About Susie Bright
Has made a career as Erotic Expert or ‘Sexpert’. She started publishing her first books in the late 1980s titled Herotica, in 1996 she was Author and Co-Editor of ‘Nothing But the Girl: the Blatant Lesbian Image’, (Cassell) which is one of the precious books of my small collection of lesbian art books, now … 15+ books later… she is still going strong writing short stories, poems, autobiograpical texts and books about sex.

Susie in ‘The Virgin Machine’, A German/American coproduction, directed by lesbian filmmaker Monika Treut, in which Susie takes an innocent lass from Hamburg and explains to her how to use a ‘Susie’ dildo.

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