Emile Jouvet Photographs Queer Women In Paris

Emilie Jouvet – French photographer and filmmaker, she works also as a freelance photographer for magazines. Her personal, artistic, and political work shows her friends and lovers in their intimacy, far away from the clichés of the standard gay representations. Her queer photos and provocative art-videos are shown in international exhibitions, queer festivals, and were screened on TV channels. She founded her own queer and feminist art organizations: ” Les Très Très Méchantes Filles” and “Fem Menace” with Wendy Delorme, Louise De Ville and Judy Minx, and organizes parties and exhibitions. Since she made “One Night Stand”, her first feature porn movie,she writes a blog diary of her filming experience about interaction between Art, Genderqueer, Feminism and Pornography.”One Night Stand” a DIY romantic queer porn, won the first price in Berlin Porn Film festival 2006 the special price of the jury at Copenhague film fest 2007 and the first lesbian price on Amsterdam in 2008 and the FEMINIST PORN AWARD in 2009. Her last short film “THE APPLE” , win first prize in Madrid festival in 2009. (Thanks to Femina Potens Gallery in California for this bio!)

– And did I forget to tell you. All beautiful French women speak French all the time, so the video above with an interview with Emilie by a French TV channel is in French, naturellement!

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