Graphic Art & Works on Paper

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European Artists

Frida Gustavsson, painter, mixed media artist, Sweden: Art link
Ester Fleckner, printmaker, Denmark/Germany: Art link
Hannah Honeywill visual artist and sculptor, UK: Art link
Leanne Hurley, digital artist, Ireland:
Lupe Ficara, graphics artist and painter, Italy/France: Lupe Ficara’s portfolio
Martina Minette Dreier, drawings and paintings, Germany: Art link
Mavis Klaverweide, drawings, Netherlands:
Maud Tutsche, printmaker & painter, Germany: Art link
Nurit Lumer-Klabbers, printmaker, Israel/Denmark: Art link 
Teresa Casanueva, painter & printmaker, Germany: Art link
Tess Sheerin, sculptor and painter, Australia/UK: Art link
Trine Møller Pedersen, painter, Denmark: Art link
Viola Hügerich, visual artist, Germany: Art link
Vivienne Harrison, painter, UK: Art link
Åse Margrethe Hansen, painter and visual artist, Norway: Art link

Non-european Artists

Anna Bongiovanni, cartoonist, USA: Art link
Alison Bechdel, cartoonist, USA: Art link
Alma López, artist working with digital photo collages, Mexico/USA: Art link Art link
Anne Bentley, photography and collages, Australia: Art link Art link
Christy Road, illustrator, USA: Art link Art link
Chitra Ganesh, painter, photographer, works on paper, India/USA: Art link
Daisy Eneix, printmaker, USA: Art link
Dana Krusch, graphics artist, USA: Art link
Deborah Kass, printmaker & painter, USA: Art link
Diane Thanchak, drawings, USA: Art link
Dwora Fried, collage and assamblage artist, Austria/USA: Art link Art link Art link
Erin Smith, drawings, Australia: Art link
Ester Hernandez, printmaker & educator, USA:Art link Art link
G.B. Jones, drawings, Canada: Art link
Ginger Brooks Takahashi, drawings and installations, USA: Art link
Heide Fasnacht, drawings & sculpture, USA: Art link
Jackie Davis, graphics artist, USA: Art link
Jennifer Hughes, printmaker, USA: Art link
Jessica Burke, paintings and drawings, USA: Art link Art link
Joan Snyder, painter, USA: Art link Art link
Judie Bamber, painter, USA: Art link Art link
Katie Gilmartin, artist and printmaker, USA: Art link
Katie Krusche, graphics and digital artist, USA:
Katie Kaapcke, artist and illustrator, USA: Art link
Krissy Mahan, collages and drawings, USA: Art link
Laurie Lipton, printmaker, USA: Art link
Liliana Kleiner, printmaker and painter, Argentine/Israel/Canada: Art link
Linda Matalon, minimalist drawings, USA: Art link
Liz Ashbourne painter, academic and writer, Australia:
Maria MacKay, paintings on paper, New Zealand:
Mary J. Kerr, mixed media artist, USA: Art link
Nancy Brooks Brody, works on paper and sculpture, USA:Art link Art link
Nancy Gossman, mixed media artist, sculptor and painter, USA:Art link
Nancy Macko, digital & multimedia artist, USA: Art link
Nicole Eisenmann, painter and mixed media artist, USA: Art link Art link Art link Art link
Pamela Peniston, graphis designer, USA: Art link
Prinny Alaví, graphic artist and poet, USA: Art link
Rebecca Levi, embrodery and illustrations, USA: Art link Art link
Sara Gottesdiener, artist and illustrator, USA: Art link
Sarah Patterson, digital artist, USA: Art link
Shauna Steinbach, artist and graphis designer, USA: Art link
Sudie Rakusin, painter and graphic artist, USA: Art link Art link
Susan Synarski, painter and graphic artist, USAArt link
Tina Robbins, cartoonist, USA: Art link
Zanne Janvier, artist and illustrator, USA: Art link

NB! The fact that an artist is mentioned in this website it is of course no guaranty that she will also be lesbian, bisexual or queer tomorrow.