Love is Like The Weather – curated by Coral Short

Kapow Collective & MIX Copenhagen present:

Love is Like The Weather

Monday, March 9, at 7:30pm – 8:45pm.
Husets Biograf
Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København, Denmark

The doors will open at 18:30
The screening will start at 19:30
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We can’t live without it! One of our favorite conversation topics will be investigated thoroughly through a wide range of stunning North American queer video makers. This program is about the changeable nature of love throughout our lives including its successes and blisses as well as its trials and tribulations. Love includes both the bright sunny days as well as the cloudy storms of our tender queer hearts. These performative filmmakers will cover many of the miraculous fluctuating states that love brings to our bodies and minds. This curation is full of searching and journeying through beautifully visceral landscapes, through heartache, desire, vulnerability and intimacy.

Canadian curator Coral Short will be present and will guide you through the queer video programme.

Love is Like The Weather – programme:

Florence S. Larose – IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME
Sofia Moreno – PORN AGAIN VOL 1
Lamathilde – AH L’AMOURRR
Nikki Forrest – FLIP / BEND PARTS 1
Nabeela Vega – LV/R:2
Raphaële Frigon – DIAMONDS
GAYMOUS – (Let’s Pretend We Don’t Have) FEELINGS
Dayna McLeod and Jackie Gallant – CREEP
Vincent Chevalier – COVER
Rae Spoon & Chelsea McMullan – OCEAN BLUE
Eduardo Restrepo Castaño & Nash Glynn – SOFT APOCALYPSE
Joshua Vettivelu – GLORY HOLE
Crystal Mason – IN MY OWN HANDS
Malic Amalya – No. 5 MY HEART, OVERREACHES
Kristin Li – YOU DON’T OWN ME