Princess Diaries by Anna-Stina Treumund

Princess Diaries: In The Corner, 2008 from Anna-Stina Treumund on Vimeo.

Diary Of a Princess, a Two-sided Installation

On one side is the video ‘In the Corner’: a girl (the artist), who is standing in a corner and is giving a list of things she is not allowed to do and of things she is supposed to do:

I have to graduate successfully.
I have to earn some money.
I have to participate at least in three art project in a year.
I have to take care of my looks.
I have to give birth at least to one child.

I am not allowed to be weak.
I am not allowed to dream.
I am not allowed to be afraid.
I can not cry too much.
I can not be too critical.

… all cliches taken from everyday life, rules that are aggressively cultivated by male dictated heteronormative society.

At the same time there is a video running on the other side of the screen where the same girl is trying to entwine a pigtail but constantly failing in it.

The screen is semi-transparent so the videos melt together.

Video installation by Anna-Stina Treumund has been exhibited at the solo show You, Me and Everybody We Do Not Know and in Estonian Contemporary Art Museum, (2010), curator Rael Artel.

About Anna-Stina Treumund

Anna-Stina Treumund is a young artist based in Tallinn, Estonia. She is doing her doctoral studies in the Estonian Academy of Arts about queering heteronormative culture. Anna-Stina uses photography and video as medium for expressing her thoughts and ideas about the visibility of queer women and feminism. She is one of the first self-identified lesbian artists in Estonia. In her solo exhibition Me, You and Everyone We Don’t Know (2010) she deconstructs stereotypical images of a lesbian women and gives society some ideas about how to see the world from her viewpoint.