Purrr!_Femme!-ance! – Queer Femininities in Action – Call for Performances

Feminists on Heels, Lipstick Lesbians, _feminine* trans Identities, non-binary Babes, intersex Jewels, genderqueer Beauties and queer Ciserellas, hard/soft/medium/maybe/sometimes Fem(me)s, Radical Faeries, full-time Queens and genderf*cking Refusers – of any color on the palette, on crutches, wheels or foot, 18 or 80, fat, voluptuous, fluffy, skinny, hairy, tiny, tall, giant, asexual or slut, first-timer or old-stager, studied artist or not – if you cherish your own queer femininity and make performance art, then this is for you!

Purrr!_Femme!-ance! is a one-day festival dedicated to celebrate and discuss the varied existence, practices and desires of queer fem/me identities through action. It takes place in the frame of WIENWOCHE, a festival for art and activism on September 15, 2019 in Viennam, Austria.

Black/Indigenous/PoC artists, those with dis_abilities, those older than 50 and those of poverty class backgrounds are especially encouraged to submit!

Application deadline: May 28th 2019

Artist fee + material budget + travel + documentation + super interesting context
Details and application form: https://forms.gle/7Uow41EFMDMQc1sS9
If you have trouble to access the online form, please fill in the attached form and submit it together with all requested docs (motivation, proposal, cv, portfolio) as one single PDF via email!

Questions? Please write to: purrrfemmeance@gmail.com

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