Queer Artist and Activist Tejal Shah

Interview with Tejal Shah, 2012 from Tejal Shah on Vimeo.

Indian artist Tejal Shah talks about her creative practice as an out artist and a queer activist in India, struggling with the fact that there is a lot of censorship going on in the Indian art world. She does not know how to present her erotic, post porn works in India.
At the end of the above video interview Tejal Shah mentions that one of her new projects is setting up a small residency programme in Goa, India.

There is a spider living between us by Tejal Shah

Excerpt from There is a spider living between us. Single channel video, HDV, colour & b/w with sound, 2009 from Tejal Shah on Vimeo.

About Tejal Shah

Working across diverse media such as video, photography, performance, sound, installation, and drawing, Tejal Shah positions her work within a feminist and queer framework. She is currently interested in the intersections of art, ecology and healing in relation to consciousness. Her works also focus on topics of sex, sexuality, body, gender and natureculture while challenging normative social hegemonies. Her latest project, The Balcão, is unraveling a new thread in her praxis. It’s a shape shifting, collaborative and community experiment in embodied learning on a small piece of land in Goa, India.

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